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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 89 (For SDE-2)

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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First of all I thank GeeksForGeeks for giving right direction in Making my dream true.

Got short listed from a consultancy and They have shared a link of Microsoft where I have to submit the online test.

Online test has 2 questions need to be completed in 1hour

  1. Did not remember
  2. BST Tree Inorder is given need to print all possible BST trees from the above tree which have same elements.

Submitted psudo code and got short listed for interview.


10-30 AM interview started.

  1. String is given need to print maximum length of string ( sub string) which is not palindrome
    Solved o(n2) asked for optimization and code followed by test cases.
  2. Discussion on abstration and interfaces

11 – AM

  1. Double linked list swap pair wise data
  2. Double linked list swap pair wise links
  3. Test cases ( i told list can have bad links)
  4. verify for list is proper or not then loop detection
  5. discussion on projects

2 PM

  1. tool kit of nuts and bolts need to find the matching pairs of all.
    given o(n2) asked for optimization and code.

4-30 PM

  1. discussion on projects
  2. Compression algo for image data
  3. Thread synchronization for producer many consumers (extension of producer consumer problem)
  4. Find near to me restaurants approach ( told some approach using graphs which i also did not satisfy 🙂 ).
  5. Server is replaced with MS server in place of MAC server then how MAC client can use MS services design ( told adapter way).

Offer discussion 🙂 …..

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