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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 121 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Round 1:
    We were given 3 coding questions.There were many different sets.Most questions were implementation based.Some of them were based on data structure like linklist and bst. They were:-
  1. Inorder successor of given node in bst
  2. merge two sorted linklist in reverse order
  3. longest increasing subsequence
  4. Top 45 were selected after this round; from which top 5 were called directly for personal interview and rest went for group fly.Time 75 minutes.
Round 2(Group Fly):
    In this round all candidates were asked to write code on paper for given problem.
  1. The problem was:- Given an array,find the maximum average of elements in a window of size ‘K’.
  2. Time 25 minutes.Top 10 students were selected for personal interview.
Personal Interview 1:
    It was a technical round.I was asked to write code for two questions.
  1. First was to reverse a given string.
  2. In second question I was asked to print each character appearing in string with its frequency in lexicographical order
  3. Then he asked difference between array,stack and heap.
  4. After that I was asked what should I test if I am tester of an application.
  5. At last he asked me to write an SQL query.
  6. Some of students were shortlisted for next interview.
Personal Interview 2:
    It was HR/Technical Round. He asked me to introduce myself and also asked about my hobbies.He gave me two coding questions.
  1. First was to longest palidromic substring in given string.
  2. Second was to traverse a matrix in spiral order.
  3. Then he asked me about my project.
  4. After that he asked a puzzle on how to divide a 10 m rope into 5 equal parts without using any measuring instruments
  5. At last he asked me the difference between multi threading,multi tasking and multi programming.
  6. 6 students were shortlisted for next interview.
Personal Interview 3:
    This was the last round.
  1. In this round interviewer asked me about uses of heap and hash.
  2. Then he asked me to explain 4 normal forms and the requirement for de-normalisation.
  3. At last he asked some questions on my project.
  4. All 6 students were selected for the internship.

Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2018
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