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Microsoft Interview Experience | Set 60 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Microsoft came to our campus. Branches eligible was CS and IT. There were a total of 4 rounds.

Round 1: MCQ round
In this round there were a total of 15 MCQ’s and the time alloted was 30 mins.The questions were mainly from C/C++/Java output finding, pointers and references and basic puzzles.
I was able to solve 12 + mcq’s. I managed to qualify this round.

In this round 2 coding questions were given to us which need to be solved in 1hr time.

1st question:
minimum time required so that all oranges become rotten

2nd question:

You are provided with a binary tree and given two integers n and k.You have to determine sum of data of all the nodes which are at a distance of k from the node which has data n.
I managed to solve question no. 2 completely .Both using BFS.Here is my way of how I did it:-

1. Use BFS directly to traverse the array once and can obtain the solution in O(n^2) only.

2. Form a graph out of the tree with the found node as the source point and then do BFS Sum to find the required answer.

Round 3: Face To Face Interview Round(150 mins)
1. A brief discussion on my projects.(About 2048 game in JAVA and some other projects I did.)

2. To tell something about me and elaborate my hobbies .

3. List of stations and distances between them are given and find all pairs shortest distance.(Floyd warshall algorithm in O(V^3).)

4. Given 1 billion numbers.Remove duplicates in O(n) and the range of numbers are till 10^5.(I used A[abs(A[i])] method to change sign and remove.It impressed the interviewer a lot.)
5. Implement Dictionary(I asked about the basic layout and was told that lot of words have been already entered each having its definition,synonyms and antonyms).(I started from vector < vector< string> > , then HashMap, then Set <string,pair > and then RB Tree approach too.)

6.I was asked to write the pseudo code for each of the above data structures and their complexities of search,insertion and updation.
-I gave all the answers in this round .

Round 4: Technical Round(90 mins)
1.I was asked to throw some light on some trending technologies.(I explained about Cloud,Big Data etc.) It took 30 mins and he looked impressed.

2. Next I was asked that if I were placed at IDC or IT then which one I will prefer and why.It was interactive session and finally I opted for MSIT mentioning him the reasons and he gave his final feedback on me.
-I gave all the answers in this round .

Hope my experience helps everyone.
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Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2019
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