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Mckinsey Interview Experience for Full Stack Developer

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First-round (Online round):

  1. Given a linked list where each node has binary numbers. Convert it to decimal form. And return number

  2. Vanilla JS: List View to implement

  3. Identify the most appropriate descriptor for 

    • int *a

    • const int a

    • Indirect addressing i, direct addressing i, immediate addressing – ii, direct addressing – ii

  4. There is a database with exam scores. Write queries to print the names of students who scored an even number of marks. The name in the output should be in uppercase.

  5. In HTTP, message formatting, transmitting multiple-choice questions.

  6. Some conceptual MCQ questions on REST API.

Second-round (Technical interview-1): Two coding questions asked in this round

  1. A person can make jumps of only 1,2,3,4,5 meters at a time. Identify a number of ways to cover the exact N meter.  In this, he asked me to explain the worst time complexity and best time complexity.
  2. Given houses and two houses are connected only with pipes of a certain diameter. And there is at most 2 connections per house. If the house has only incoming pipe then install a tap in the pipe and if it has only an outgoing pipe then only install the tank on house. Give a pairwise number of how many pipes and tanks is to be stored in total. And also show houses with installed pipes and tanks with pipe diameter. In this question, he wanted to see whether I can connect this question with the graph or not. And also the algorithm I will be using and why. I explained this question to him by using BFS and writing code for it. The interviewer was satisfied with my approach. 

Now he asked some technical questions about DBMS:

  1. Difference between SQL and NoSQL, different normalization with examples, stored procedure, Mongodb questions, and some code to connect with database.

System Designing:

  1. Here he asked me to do the design of the vending machine.  And show all types of classes with connection, inheritance.

Third-round (Technical interview-2):

  1. Asked about the time complexity of different algorithms like binary search, BFS, radix sort, quick select.
  2. Asked one real-world example of binary trees.
  3. Asked that which ds to use if I have to work with a social networking website
  4. Different types of recommendation system and its flaws
  5. Asked about technologies that I used in my projects also asked some questions from DL, ML, NLP, information retrieval. 
  6. Asked about multithreading and multiprocessing, different scheduling algorithms.
  7. Some questions were related to pythons like pandas indexing, iloc, loc, inheritance, abstraction, and encapsulation with a real-world example.
  8. Interface and abstraction in java, CPP, the internal implementation of hashmap in java.

I answered each question in this round and the interviewer was very happy.

Fourth, fifth, sixth round (Competency rounds): Three rounds were taken to do competency checks.

Questions were asked to check motivation learning, teamwork, confidence, receiving feedback, Entrepreneurial drive, structured thinking. In each question, he asked me to give example related to my life. 

Finally, I got offered along with 6 more students.

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Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2020
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