MAQ Software Interview Experience | SET 20 (On campus for FTE)

MAQ software came to our campus for the role of software engineers and allowed only CS and Software engineering branch. They had 3 rounds including online test.

Round 1: There were 2 sections out of which first comprised of 30 mcq questions(aptitude problems) to be done in 30 min. After completing this you get a new window for 2nd section with 4 coding questions to be done in an hour. There was a constraint of either solving that problem or skip and move on to the next one but you cannot return back to that problem.. The questions where

  1.  Check if a number is fibonacci number or not
  2. convert a number to its binary form and print
  3. There was a string with numbers in it separated by commas. Problem was to find the some of other number for every number present in string. Example: “2, 4, 3, 21, 45”, output is “63, 71, 72, 54, 30”
  4. There was a number and we had to find if any of the permutation of that number is divisible  by 8 or not, if divisible output is 1 else 0. Example: 428. Permutations are: 482, 248, 284, 824, 842 and check if any is divisible by 8 or not.

There was sectional cutoff so all those who did 2 or more than 2 coding questions with decent score in 1st section were through. 49 were shortlisted for interviews out of 206 candidates

Round 2: This was a Skype round and questions asked were :

  • Tell me something about yourself(If possible mention 1 of your greatest achievements )
  • Detailed discussion about project and tools used along with some rapid fire questions on machine learning. Also he gave me a real life problem and asked me to how machine learning will help solve the problem with every step right from pre-processing till testing of input data.(Tip- You must know every word you have written in your resume)
  • Polymorphism, Types, overloading, overriding(I messed up here), different types of keys, unique key(Most imp part of my interview because it got carried to the next round ), Normalization and its forms.
  • Joins, Types, Query on join (I had to write it in the chatbox) and 1 question to identify whether its overloading or overriding.
  • he asked do u know Java, I said Yes but mostly i do coding in c++. Web development(I said a Big NO) and amazingly he started asking me what is HTML? I gave the answer correctly to which he said how did you know this, i gave him an amazing reply to which he laughed a lot.. Then he asked what is CSS and as soon as i started answering due to some technical issues Skype call got disconnected.. Later i was told that my interview was almost at the end and i do not have to repeat the process so i have to wait for the result of 1st round.

After 30 min i was immediately called for 2nd round which was face to face .

Round 3: He looked at my resume for 5 minutes (Complete silence). Now Questions  he asked were:

  • How was the day?
  • Which field interests you in computer science the most to which i replied Machine learning, Database management and Deep learning and it was mostly because of the projects that i have done.
  •  Asked me if interested in Online competetive coding and stuffs alongwith detailed discussions on multiple projects which i did on deep learning, image processing and android development. Idea about the project. Contribution. He was really impressed with the project work and complimented me and even gave me some suggestions to solve a problem which i was facing in my project. One of the coolest interviewer ever.
  • he gave me a string compression code to do on paper which i did.
  • Now he asked me difference b/w primary key and unique key(mistake which i did in 1st interview was noticed). I explained him and he was satisfied with the answer. He told me to wait for the results after that and ended the interview.

After 5 hours, late night results were announced and 6 students were selected and luckily i was there. 6 rejections and then this, it was an amazing feeling. I just want to say to all of the students who will be sitting for placements to be cool and have calm and patience. At times results might  not come your way but there is something already good planned for you. So just wait and give your 100%, brush up your techinical skills, communication skills and explain your projects well.

Good luck

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