MAQ Software Interview Experience | Set 18 (On Campus for FTE)

Round 1:

There were 2 sections. First one is an aptitude section which must be completed in 30 minutes. The second section is a coding round with 2 coding questions, a faulty compiler(which didn’t work) and must be completed in 30 minutes as well. One of the questions is:

Given a sum S find the smallest 5 digit number whose sum of digits is S. If such a number does not exist print impossible.

Aptitude questions were of range easy-medium. Around 27 students got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:

This round was a skype round and the interviewer asked questions like:

1)Tell me about yourself.

2)Questions related to OOPS concepts like What is abstraction? Real life example for abstraction? Polymorphism and real-life example of Polymorphism, etc..

3)A question like “What will you do to get money from ATM?”.

I don’t even know why she asked this question¯\_(-_-)_/¯


5)Questions related to projects mentioned in CV.

6)Any questions for me?

Round 3:

This was a skype round as well. Questions asked were:

1)Questions on things mentioned in CV. I mentioned JavaScript, so he asked things like how will you change inner HTML using JS, selecting a specific class using JS, etc..

2)Difference between CSS and CSS3, HTML and HTML5.

3)Puzzle: Arrange 4 coins such that all of them are in contact with each other.

4)Pair coding on checking if a number is Prime or not. Asked me if there can be any improvement in my approach.

5)Asked me if I know joins in MySql, and some questions on the same like “What is the difference between inner and outer join?”.

6)Asked me if I know Stored Procedures.(For which I said “absolutely not” :P).

7)Any questions for me?

Some questions which were asked to my friends:

  1. What is the data structure used in notepad?
  2. How is indexing implemented in Database?
  3. Other basic questions on OOPS and DBMS(like queries and all).

Around 4 people got selected at the end(including me). So basically, the questions were of level easy-medium. Be good with basics and things mentioned in your CV. That will be sufficient to crack the interview.

All the best folks!!

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