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MAQ Software Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer (Internship + FTE) 2023

Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2022
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Round1 (Written Test):

  • Their test was conducted on a special platform which we have to install on our pc before giving the test.
  • The written round was 1hr30 min and the level of the written test was quite high.
  • There were  12 sections in the first round which comprised of 4 coding questions  3aptitude sections(easy medium difficult) Oops section DSMS puzzle solving
  • I do not remember the exact coding questions but all of them were quite hard.
  • In the first round out of 520 only 120 were able to clear the first round

Round 2(Technical interview):

  • The interview started in the morning itself only.
  • The time duration of the interview was of 30 minutes
  • In that 30 min he asked some questions regarding the project and all the concepts regarding DBMS oops os
  • In the last 15 minutes he gave me a coding question to code which was quite hard for me but somehow was able to code it
  • Even some of my friends just asked SQL queries in 30 minutes
  • In the technical round out of 123 students only 17 students were qualified for the next round

Round 3(Technical+HR):

  • The next morning the round began, It was around 40-50 minutes
  • In this  round technical was the main focus 
  • They asked me to code a problem that I don’t remember exactly. But it was a tough problem.
  • Then they asked too much from the DSA SQL projects that I got grilled.
  • Next the HR round began and he asked me basics HR questions

OVERALL THE HR ROUND WENT WELL BUT THE TECHNICAL WAS QUITE HARD.SO I WAS UNABLE TO CLEAR THE INTERVIEW. Only 6 students qualified and the rest were out. So prepare nicely for this company interview.

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