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Making Judgements: Reasoning Questions

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Judgement questions are part of the Logical Reasoning section in most of the competitive examinations. Judgement questions are solved by combining the knowledge given in the question and through common sense. Judgement questions must be prepared comprehensively as this is a scoring section in the reasoning section. As Judgement questions are one of the most asked questions in competitive examinations like RRB NTPC, SSC CGL exam, etc. so it is highly advisable to attempt judgement practice questions.
In the Judgements section, a fictitious scenario is presented and the task is to take reasonable and logical steps or judgements that suit the condition of the events. Here in this section, we shall see some examples and get acquainted with the concepts of Judgements.

Judgement in Reasoning

Judgement is the analysis, which is drawn after reading the statement and by using your common sense. The statement given is a combination of meaningful sentences. This is the only set of knowledge which you must use while answering the question. 

For example:
If Apples are ripe for a pie or pickle, what would you answer? Obviously, the answer would be sweet apples are best for pies not pickles. As a result, the decision or judgement is that apples are suitable for a pie.


Types of Judgement in Reasoning :  

1) Making Decision Based on Passages

In this type of judgement-based question, students are given a paragraph or passage of events, followed by a series of questions.

For Example :

Sachin is planning a birthday party on 26/07/2022. He wants to celebrate this memorable evening, but his friend is a very shy man who would rather spend the evening at home doing some chores and playing indoor games and he is also a food and drink lover. Sachin has chosen a restaurant that serves the best dishes in the city then which restaurant should Sachin choose so that his friend comes to the party with him? 

(1) Babian restaurant as it serves the best cuisine in the city.

(2) Chandrakala as it serves his friend’s favorite dosa which is the best and cheap as compared to others.

(3) Bikanervala as it serves the best chaat and coffee as compared to others.

(4) Royal sky as it also serves non-veg and alcohol along with a pool corner for entertainment.

Clearly, he should choose the fourth restaurant as his friend will enjoy the food and drinks along with the pool corner game since his friend likes to play indoor games so his mind will be refreshed. 

2) Eligibility Based Judgements :

This includes the admission of students within the colleges based on merit. Some of the exams like B.ed entrance, PSUs, and banks have eligibility criteria.

You must be familiar with the key strategies if you want to correctly respond to the judgement reasoning questions. They deal with information that has been heard, seen, or read but is open to investigation or verification. Dates, events, natural occurrences, and other assertions are examples of facts. Based on what is known, conclusions are drawn about the unknown. Your ability to read between the lines is put to the test through inferences. Facts are the known information in the statement from which an inference was drawn. Therefore, all inferences are supported by evidence and logical reasoning.

For example:

All the intermediate students scoring above 70% are eligible for university admissions, and those below 70% have to give entrance and interview also.

Here, the filter technique of judgement will take place and the cutoff will be decided.

Tips and Tricks to Solve Judgement based Questions :

  • While doing the judgement-based questions a proper analysis of the statements must be done so that there must be no ambiguity to answer the questions.
  • Analysis of the statements must be done so one can decide whether a decision is worth to be made must be taken into consideration. It helps one to eliminate the options.
  • The actions must be taken based on the instructions given. The theme of the statement must be understood and the clauses must be visualized.

Judgement based Reasoning Questions and Answers

Q1.  Lisa is planning a baby shower for her friend. Which theme should she choose? 

A) Safari – with animal decorations, jungle-themed food, and games. 
B) Princess – with tiaras, pink decorations, and fairy tale-themed games. 
C) Beach – with sand, sea shells, and ocean-themed food and drinks. 
D) Sports – with decorations and games related to the favorite sport of the parents-to-be.

Answer: A suitable theme for a baby shower would be D) Sports, with decorations and games related to the favorite sport of the parents-to-be.

Q2. Emma is planning a road trip across the United States. Which route should she take? 

A) The Pacific Coast Highway – a scenic drive along the California coastline with stunning views of the ocean and mountains. 
B) Route 66 – a historic highway that spans from Chicago to Santa Monica, passing through small towns and famous landmarks. 
C) The Great River Road – follows the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana, passing through historic sites and beautiful scenery. 
D) The Blue Ridge Parkway – a scenic drive through the Appalachian Mountains, with beautiful views of forests, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Answer: The most suitable route for a road trip would be B) Route 66, a historic highway that spans from Chicago to Santa Monica, passing through small towns and famous landmarks.

Q3. Mark is planning a team-building activity for his company. Which activity should he choose? 

A) Paintball – a competitive game where players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets of paint. 
B) Escape Room – a game where players solve puzzles and riddles to escape a locked room before time runs out. 
C) Scavenger Hunt – a game where players follow clues to find hidden items or locations. 
D) Laser Tag – a game where players shoot each other with laser guns to score points.

Answer: A suitable team-building activity would be C) Scavenger Hunt, a game where players follow clues to find hidden items or locations.

Q4. The school has organized a field trip to the nearby forest, and the students will be spending the day learning about the local flora and fauna. Which of the following should the students bring with them?

A) A packed lunch and a refillable water bottle. 
B) A heavy coat and gloves for warmth. 
C) A swimsuit and a towel for a swim in the lake. 
D) A handheld video game to pass the time.

Answer: A) A packed lunch and a refillable water bottle.

Q5. The school’s football team is facing off against the rival team in the championship game. The coach wants to motivate the players and has promised to take them to a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant. Which restaurant should the coach choose?

A) A fancy French restaurant with a dress code and a wine list. 
B) A burger joint with an all-you-can-eat buffet and a milkshake bar. 
C) An Italian pizzeria with a casual atmosphere and a wood-fired oven. 
D) A seafood restaurant with a sushi bar and a lobster tank.

Answer: C) An Italian pizzeria with a casual atmosphere and a wood-fired oven.

Q6. The school’s drama club is putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet, and the director needs to cast the lead roles. Which students would be best suited for the parts of Romeo and Juliet?

A) The football team’s quarterback and the cheerleading captain. 
B) The school’s valedictorian and the student council president. 
C) The drama club president and the choir club president. 
D) The school’s mathlete and the debate team captain.

Answer: C) The drama club president and the choir club president.

Q7. The school is hosting a charity fundraiser for a local animal shelter, and the students are encouraged to bring in donations. What kind of donations would be most useful to the shelter?

A) Money and gift cards to local pet stores. 
B) Cans of food and bags of treats for dogs and cats. 
C) Blankets and towels for the animals to sleep on. 
D) Toys and balls for the animals to play with.

Answer: B) Cans of food and bags of treats for dogs and cats.

Q8. The school is organizing a talent show, and the students are encouraged to showcase their talents. Which of the following would be appropriate for the talent show?

A) A student playing a musical instrument. 
B) A student performing a stand-up comedy routine. 
C) A student demonstrating a magic trick. 
D) A student giving a speech on a political topic.

Answer: A) A student playing a musical instrument.

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2023
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