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Round 1:  Cocubes Online Test

An online test was conducted comprising of 3 sections:

  1. Quantitative Section: This section had 30 questions and the duration was 45 mins. The questions ranged from easy to moderate level.
  2.  Technical Section: This section consisted of questions from C, Java and data structures. The questions were based on core concepts and were easy. There were 4-5 output questions.
  3. Coding Section: There were 2 coding questions and the time duration was 20 mins for each question. The questions were very simple. One question was based on arrays and the second question was a simple question on loops.

Based on the cocubes score around 35 students were shortlisted for a survey. The survey had around 10 questions based on day-to-day scenarios. It was more of a personality checker.

Round 2: Technical Interview

Twenty students were shortlisted for the Technical interview. The interview was purely based on the resume. I was asked about all the projects that I had been a part of during graduation. They were more interested in knowing the code structure of the project. I was also asked about my research paper. They asked me what language I am most comfortable in. As I was comfortable in Java, they later asked about concepts of multithreading and Interfaces.


Round 3: HR Interview

All the students gave the HR interview. The HR interview was quite simple. They asked about the organization, hobbies, further study plans and any issues with the location.

After all the rounds, 8 students were selected.

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