Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience | (On-Campus)

Mahindra Comviva : Software Developer

Round 1: Coding + Aptitude + CS fundamentals

The first round comprised of 20 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, C output questions and technical portions with 2 coding questions based on strings and arrays. The MCQs consisted of basic understanding and implementation of those concepts. Coding questions required a bit of logical thinking and were of average difficulty.

Round 2: Essay writing

In second round, 15 people were shortlisted and a topic was given to each candidate to write an essay in 120-150 words.

Round 3: Technical Interview

All the shortlisted candidates from first round were given the opportunity to appear for the technical round and we were told to forward our resumes via email. There were two panels for this round. One was Skype based while the other was telephonic. I was called for the Skype interview.

  • Resume based:
    • Tell me about yourself
    • Internship
      • Company and its functions
      • Your roles as an intern
      • Tech Stack you worked upon
    • Projects
      • Target and purpose of the project
      • Tech Stack used
      • Conclusion and real life significance
      • Successful or not
    • Acheivements


Round 4: HR Interview Round

Only 5 people were shortlisted for this round. It was a healthy discussion based on activities and achievements listed in the resumes.

Finally 3 of us(including me) were selected and we were handed the offer letters for Software Developer.


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