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Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2019

The placement process was as follows

1) Online Coding Test on HackerEarth consisting of 3 questions which were relatively easy once you could understand the question language on be completed in 80 minutes. 44 students were shortlisted after the 1st round.

2) Online Test consisting of 4 sections : quant, logical, analytic and technical questions. Each section consisted of 25 questions(total 100) to be done in 100 minutes. 17 students were shortlisted after this round. The questions were easy with simple logic.

3) Technical Interviews : There was a panel of 3 people ( 1 Hr and 2 Technical ). Each of us was called one by one for the technical interview. As I entered the room, the interviewer greeted me and asked for my resume. He asked me to give a brief introduction of me and asked my questions on the projects I had done on Web Development. Then he asked me what subjects have I learned so far.

He covered almost all the subjects be it Data-Structures, Algorithms, Computer Networks, DBMS, Operating System. He asked me to explain the OSI model and its layers. After he was satisfied with my answer, he asked me what is normalization, anomalies, types and normal forms. He then asked me how I rated myself in C/C++. After I told him, he asked me what are dangling pointers and how to remove this error. He gave me a simple string manipulation question and asked me the time and space complexity of it.

Five were shortlisted after the technical round and I was one of them.

4) HR round : HR greeted me and asked me questions about my resume, discussed my projects and asked me what was my contribution in the projects, what were the pressures I faced during the projects. He asked me about my attitude, how would I work in a hypothetical environment of long working hours, about my religious beliefs, family. He asked my few puzzles as well. He also asked me whether I am okay with relocation or not.

At last, 3 were selected and I was one of them.

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