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Maersk Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021

Maersk came for an internship for 4 roles and gave PPO offers based on the candidate’s performance during the internship duration. Expect Maersk to come around for campus somewhere around the end of the 6th semester.

Internship profiles were for the following roles

  1. Full-Stack Developer
  2. Data Engineering
  3. .Net Developer
  4. Technical Engineer_ Junior Architect

Rounds of interview

  • Round 1: Online Test(Aptitude + Technical) on Co-Cubes
  • Round 2: Technical Interview
  • Round 3: Technical + Managerial Interview

Detailed Information

Round 1 (Written-test): This round was conducted on Co-Cubes. It had 3 sections in total to be solved in 1 and half hours.

First Section: Included 8 sections of around 70 marks no negative marking and to be completed within 60 mins.

  1. Aptitude – Time & Work, Probability, Profit & Loss, etc. (15 MCQ Questions)
  2. Python – Medium difficulty (8 MCQ Questions)
  3. Machine learning – A bit tough(because I have less exposed to ML) (8 MCQ Questions)
  4. UI/UX – Basic CSS questions & JavaScript Questions (8 MCQ Questions)
  5. Java – Some terms in Java and need to pick the correct meaning, output questions, etc. (8 MCQ Questions)
  6. SQL – Question from normal B.Tech syllabus (8 MCQ Questions)
  7. CS Questions – C and C++ questions, DSA questions, time complexity, etc. (8 MCQ Questions)
  8. Automata & coding – (7 MCQ Questions)

Here the thing was even if you apply for .Net developer or junior architect everyone has to give the written test having the same above question. Maybe the selection was based on individual section marks. So chill out if you are applying for Full Stack and you don’t know ML.

Second Section:

  • Consists of 5 questions to be answered in 30 mins.
  • There was 1 Scala program. It was a super basic question, to declare a variable and then print the variable. Difficulty – Easy (5min)
  • There was 1 Java program – It was very basic. Just normal programming experience works if you can write the logic. Only Java language is allowed. Difficulty – Easy(15 min)
  • There was 3 SQL question regarding some operations on employee table. Difficulty – Medium (10 min)

Round 2 (Technical Interview): Around 65+ students made it to the 2nd round. But not disclosed to us. The technical interview lasted for about 30 minutes in the evening.

  • Expect your 1st question 90% to be “Tell me about yourself”.  Just be prepared for this no matter whatever else you prepare. Tell all your strong points and what you bring to the table, how you are different.
  • He then followed up questions from the first question, about the tech stack I have worked on, etc.
  • He was asking questions mainly from the backend stack since he was a data engineer. Although very was friendly in nature.
  • The next questions were mostly from my resume and projects which I have mentioned. 

Questions were like

  • What steps can you take to make your backend secure?
  • Can you install SSL manually on a website? The answer was yes.
  • What are APIs? Why you need them?
  • What do you know about REST APIs?
  • How do you host your frontend and backend? Frontend – Netlify/Vercel, Backend – Heroku
  • Which is your preferred framework for the frontend and preferred framework for the backend?
  • Do you have any experience in any one of the React/Angular/Vue frameworks?
  • Do you have any experience in AWS?
  • Why do you use and prefer to React? Why not Angular?
  • The DataBase you prefer? SQL-based or NoSQL and any experience in them?
  • Do you have any experience in Mobile development? If yes then what frameworks or language you are aware of and would prefer to build an app? I answered either React Native or Flutter over Java/Kotlin for cross-platform capabilities & speed of development.

Behavioral Questions

  • What will you do If he puts you in a department where the technical stack such that you are not aware of?
  • What will you do if you get an offer from another good company? Will you switch or stay at Maersk?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • How much time can you take to learn a new tech stack?
  • He did not ask me anything from Data structure, OS, DBMS, or SQL since he was already impressed by my technical development skills and ask previous answers.
  • Lastly, he asked, “Any questions you have for me?”. I asked him a couple of questions and then closed the call. I would suggest collecting or jot down some questions beforehand of the interview and ask them.

Round 3 (Technical + Managerial): Around 10-15 students must have made it to the 3rd round. Not disclosed to us.

  • This round lasted for about 20 minutes. Short interview.
  • It started with the question “Tell me about yourself”?

He then asked questions related to my resume, previous internships I have done.

  • What do you know about Docker and Kubernetes briefly explain them? (Since I mentioned it in my resume).
  • Experience in AWS and deployment?
  • What do I prefer to work on, my preference, and strong skill? Frontend or backend? I said that the front-end is my strong skill, but I still have a good grasp of the backend because of my past internships.
  • Worked in a team previously? How big was the team and what you have done in college?
  • What he didn’t ask but I expected and was prepared…
  • He didn’t ask any questions related to my past projects since I have already beautifully mentioned them in my resume. So he just skimmed through what I have written.
  • He did not ask any questions related to Maersk like Why Maersk? What do you know about Maersk? etc.
  • Lastly, he asked, “Any questions you have for me?”. I asked him a couple of questions about some personal doubts and then closed the call. I would suggest preparing a few questions for the interviewer. Definitely expect this question in any interview and try to never say that you don’t have any questions.

Then within a week got the response about the selection and the next steps specific to joining the internship.

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