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Barclays India Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2021

Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2022
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Role: BA3 & Graduate Analyst

Eligibility: CS & IT students from Final year, with ≥ 60% score across class X, XII, and engineering semesters and no Live KTs

Location: Pune/Chennai

Round 1: Technical Aptitude + Coding Test (Online)

  • Conducted on HackerEarth platform with sections: 
    • Technical Aptitude MCQs – 30 Questions
      • Predict the output (C/C++/Java/Servlets/Python)
      • Statement-based questions on Java (Interfaces, Generics, etc.)
      • Questions on  DBMS, OOPS
  • Coding Questions – 2 Questions
    • Smallest subarray with minimum sum (50 marks)
    • Array subsequence (not sure) – (20 marks)

Round 2: Technical + HR Interview (F2F)

  • Introduction
  • Resume-based Interview (Different for everyone), every detail was covered, you should be aware of everything written on it as the resume is not in front of you.
  • Technical questions on DBMS, OOPS. (Easy – Medium level)
  • Based on my project, situational questions were asked: 
    • Additional Security aspects in your project that could’ve been covered?
    • How do you approach learning a new skill from scratch?
    • If you feel something’s wrong in the design process, what will you do – ignore it, go with the flow or raise your voice?
    • Any “Wow moment” in your life? (in the context of coding)
    • Any instance where significant improvement was done on something and was successful?
    • How do you manage college studies, freelancing, and council work? – no. of hours expected
    • In which field do you want to pursue your career and why?
  • HR Questions:
    • What do you know about Barclays?
    • What are Barclays values? – RISES (Very Important)
    • Interviewer asked if I had any questions, ask at least 1-2 questions regarding the company/interviewer (not mentioned in the pre-placement presentation)

This was the first phase of the interview which took about 30 minutes, the next phase was based on my interest mentioned on my resume, which was a bit surprising as I was never asked about this in any past interviews.

  • The interviewer targeted my interest which was Football. This all came as I mentioned about “Barclays Premier League”. He pretended he didn’t know anything about Football and asked detailed questions about:
    • Which team do you support? (Manchester City Supporter)
    • What’s the difference in the playing style of Manchester City and Manchester United? 
    • Technical terms, player positions, idol/legends from the club, trophies won, etc.
    • Previous matches, with the score line, the time these matches were played?
    • Then he asked about a particular event regarding the last match (City vs Liverpool), I knew about that detail, and I continued from there.
    • Weekly schedule of matches (all competitions)
  • We had a conversation for around 15 minutes, after which he revealed that he was a Liverpool fan and also followed football.
    He ended the interview on a positive note.

Points to Remember

  • Company-specific preparation has helped me crack two companies, study everything regarding the company on Glassdoor (search for job profile specific reviews, company reviews), GFG Archives (a goldmine for latest interview experiences from other campuses), YouTube (watch all possible interview experiences videos) and all the resources provided by the company regarding the job profile.
  • Barclays values –

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