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Maersk Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)
  • Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2020

Round 1 (Written-test): This round was conducted on Cocubes. It had 3 sections in total to be solved in 95 mins.

First Section: Included aptitude, python, machine learning, UI/UX, Java, SQL query questions. Aptitude questions were basically from – Time & Work, Probability, Profit & Loss (medium difficulty). There were technical MCQs from java and it was very basic. Machine learning questions were a bit advanced. For UI/UX, JavaScript there was output questions. There were a total of about 71 questions to be answered in 60 mins.

Second Section: consists of 5 questions to be answered in 20 min. There was 1 scala program. It was very basic, to declare a variable named fruit and then print the variable in the console. There was 1 NOSQL question that was difficult to answer. There were 2 SQL queries

  1. To find the 2nd highest salary from a table named employee 
  2. To find the average salary of a particular group.

Third section: Included 1 coding question to be solved in 15 mins. The language allowed was JAVA8.  The question was: 

  1. Given an array of integers finds numbers that are perfectly square and add the square root of those numbers. 

    Example: [2,4,3,9,16,49] since 4,16,49 are perfect squares so find the square root of these numbers and add them. 

    Output : 2+4+7=13

15 students made it to 2nd round.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): The technical interview lasted for about 45 minutes. It started with a basic introduction. Then, she framed some questions from my resume and projects which I have mentioned. Questions were mainly from Data structure, OS, DBMS, SQL. She told me to rate my data structure skill on a scale of 1 to 5. Some questions are:

  1. Sort a linked list of 0’s,1’s,2’s.  I started with a basic brute force approach then I gave an efficient solution. She asked me about time complexity.
  2. Remove duplicates from a sorted linked list
  3. Sort a linked list using merge sort 
  4. Difference between BFS and DFS.
  5. Difference between the linked list and array.
  6. Detail description of graph and practical example of a graph.
  7. Describe all the joins in SQL with a Venn diagram.
  8. Which sorting algorithm is best with its time complexity.
  9. What is the prims algorithm?
  10. Search an element in Binary search tree. She asked me the approach
  11. Shortest path in an unweighted graph. I gave her the brute force approach and I wasn’t able to come up with an efficient one.
  12. What is a semaphore?
  13. What is the race condition?
  14. How BFS and DFS is implemented.
  15. About the project.

Round 3 (Tech+Managerial): This round lasted for about 30 minutes. It started with an introduction then he briefed me about the kind of candidates he was looking for and the work which we will be doing as an intern. 

  1. Introduction.
  2. Detail description of the project and questions related to it.
  3. Questions related to my resume.
  4. Why Maersk?
  5. What do you know about Maersk?
  6. Location preference.
  7. Background description.
  8. About the job role.

Lastly, he asked me “Any questions for me?” Thank you!!



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