Libsys Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Libsys visited our campus on Sept’18. The process was scheduled for two days, first day being the elimination round, which took place in our campus, and the second day, the shortlisted students from the elimination round were called for on-site interview(in their campus).  There were a total of five rounds. Elimination round consisted of two rounds and on-site interview further included three rounds.

Round 1:
This round consisted of Aptitude and technical questions. There were a total of 75 minutes to solve 50 or 55 questions. Time was not an issue as of such. Aptitude section was typical aptitude questions, like the questions you would find on IndiaBix. A good aptitude  and a little practice is all you need to walk through these questions. Technical section was comparatively challenging. It consisted of java i/o,   SQL, computer networks questions. The main focus was on your basics. You should be good with your oops concepts to solve java questions. My SQL part is quite weak, so i won’t comment on that part. All in all, this was a fine round, as a student with his/her basics clear can clear this round with ease.

40-50 students appeared for this round and around 30 made it to round 2.
Tips : Aptitude should neither be underestimated nor overestimated. Sometimes it can get you to the next round, sometimes, it can make you stuck to the same round for several times. Think about it.

Round 2:
This was a coding round. We were given 5 questions, and we were supposed to code it in some editor. It wasn’t a compiler for sure, it was more like a notepad, provided by Libsys itself. 60 minutes were given to solve these questions.

Question 1 : Integer to Roman Numeral.                                                                            Input : n (1 <= n <= 3000).                                                                                Output : Corresponding roman numeral for given n.

Questions 2 : Check whether the brackets are balanced or not. (It is the standard stack problem).

Question 3 :  Pascal Triangle. (Another standard problem).

Question 4 : Vertical sum of Binary Tree. (Yet another standard problem).

Question 5 : Given two linked lists, return their union and intersection.


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