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Libsys Interview Experience (2018)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2018

Designation: Development Trainee

CTC: 6-8 lakhs

Libsys visited our campus,  there were  5 rounds . 2 of them conducted in our college and the remaining 3 rounds conducted on very next day in their Gurgaon campus.

Round 1: Online objective test. Total of 50 questions 25(technical) and 25(quantitative and logical aptitude).  Around 50-70 people from 250-300 people shortlisted for the next rounds.

Round 2: Online coding Test(1 hr). Total 5 questions were given and you have to only write the functions, not the entire function.

  1. A pyramid pattern
  2. A string is given to you with both capital and small letters you have to sort both small letters and capital letters individually and arrange them in such a way that small and capital letters occur alternatively. Eg. Input:- DCAdcaa   Output:- AaCaDcd
  3. Check whether a linked list is palindrome or not.
  4. I don’t remember, it was string based question.
  5. You have given a binary tree you have to change the value of each node such that the value of each node is equal to the sum of the current value and the total sum of the left subtree.

Total 10 students were shortlisted for the next rounds at their campus

Round 3: Technical Interview(Face to Face, single panel)

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Asked about database schema of 2 of my projects, polling web app(PHP) and URL shortener(Django), discussed it for around 15-20 minutes
  3. What is Normalization?
  4. What is Scheduling algorithms and what are the various scheduling algorithms?
  5. 3-4 coding questions(best data structure for scheduling algorithm, Longest common subsequence,   difference between subsequence and substring, some basic problems related to tree data structure using recursion  ).
  6. 3 puzzles(i answered 2 of them).
  7. Are you already placed?

Only 3 students were called for the 4th round

Round 4: Technical Interview (face to face, single panel)

    1. Introduce yourself(only technical part).
    2. Code of the given pattern:

5 4 3 2 1
5 4 3
1 2 3
1 2 3 4 5


3. Given a string of alphabets with some special characters also, you have to reverse the string without changing the position of   special characters. Eg:- Input:- a%bd$c   Output:- c%db$a
4. Difference Between a linked list and array.
5. Difference Between circular queue and normal queue.

6. Difference Between Overriding and Overlading.

7. Various Scheduling algorithms,

8. Check loop exists in the liked list.

9. Remove loop in a linked list

10. Checking condition for insertion in a circular queue.

11. Post-order traversal using the stack data structure.

12. A puzzle, suppose you have 50 good cells, 50 cells and a torch which only lit from a pair of good cells, you have to tell the     strategy through which a pair of a good cell can be found in minimum tries.

All the 3 people were called for HR.


Round 5: HR Interview

  1. Are you ready for 2.5 years service agreement?
  2. Family background
  3. Plans regarding higher studies.

So, there were not many questions in HR interview. At the end of the round, she told me you have been selected and we will send a    letter to your placement officer in a week including all the details.


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