KPIT Interview Questions (On-Campus)

I have attended the KPIT campus recruitment process. there were 3 rounds.
1. Online test
2. Offline coding test
3. Interview

Online test:
The online test was conducted only for EC, EEE. The test questions were based on quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, basics of C, microcontroller, analog electronics, and 2 coding questions.
The test platform was METTL.
Test duration :3 hours

The coding questions were:
1.Reverse the given number
Input : 098
Output :980

Input :1203
Output :3021

2. There was a question on the pattern, in question structure was passed to function, which returns the structure

Offline coding
Coding questions :
1. Display the count for vowels in given array and array should be taken using character pointer.
2. Again it was simple pattern question.

Technical interview:
Questions were asked about my projects and skills mentioned in my resume. so be clear about whatever u write in your resume, that is very important.
they asked some questions on C the difference between malloc and calloc, pointers and unions, dynamic memory allocation, free, about functions, preprocessor directives etc.
some logic design questions like designing gates, K-map.

HR interview
HR was friendly, He asked me about KPIT sparkle, whether I am participating or not, since I had already registered he asked me about the idea. and some general question about the implementation of the idea.
at last, he asked about my family.
After this round, results were announced, totally 20 were selected, I am one of them.

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