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Blubirch Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2018

Recently Blubirch came to our college for recruitment.

Round 1:
Initially they had an online test which consisted of two parts; aptitude and technical from subjects like Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms etc

Round 2:
It had a coding test consisting of 3 questions which had to be completed within 70 minutes on computer.

Round 3:
It was a technical round which started from introducing myself. Then they discussed about my resume. Next they asked OOP’s and Database concepts. They asked me to write SQL queries like finding the second highest in a table, string matching queries etc. They asked questions from linked lists like check palindrome
and from trees like level order traversal, top view of a binary tree etc

Round 4:
This was also a technical round. They asked about projects and internships done so far. Then they discussed about Database Concepts like joins, normalisation, views, triggers etc.They also asked about various searching and sorting algorithms. This was a considerably short round duration wise.

Round 5:
This was similar to an HR round. He asked me to introduce myself and asked a few puzzles. This was a simple round and was mostly about my reaction towards different situations.
At last I was fortunate enough to be selected.

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