KAAR Technologies Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2021

KAAR Technologies visited our campus for SAP consultant and software developer.

Round 1: (60 min)

Everyone who satisfied the eligibility criteria were allowed to take online test in their own server.  It covered

Aptitude, Logical, Verbal,  JAVA (MCQ’s).

Round 2:

Whose who qualify the in round 1 are called for  Group Discussion round(8-10 per discussion).  Due to COVID-19 issues it was held in Microsoft Teams.  Recent Trending Topics was given. Round took for about 45 min.  Fluency in is important.

Round 3:

This round is a Technical HR round held in Microsoft teams.  You will be asked to share your screen and code in notepad (2-3 problems).  Problem will from easy and medium difficulty related to Patterns, Arrays, Strings. Concepts like OOPs, DBMS, SAP modules, Full stack, about company  are also asked.  Question are also asked in areas of interest. 

Round 4:

Its a Personal HR round. General discussion for about 15min. Questions from Resume, About the company, Wiliness to shift location, Family Background.

If you satisfy the HR you will receive indent to hire mail from HR team.

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