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JP Morgan Chase – Code for Good Interview Experience for Software Engineer FTE

Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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For the past few years, JPMC has not come to campus for their hiring program and this was their only process of recruiting freshers for internships as well as for Full-time roles.

There was a total of 3 rounds, the first round was a coding test followed by a video interview, and then comes the last round was the hackathon.

Round 1 ( Online Coding Test): There were 2 coding questions only and no MCQs or any other thing. The questions were standard and were simple to crack and were on the HackerRank platform.

  1. Merge Overlapping Intervals
  2. Given a binary string, count number of substrings that start and end with 1.

Duration: 90mins

Round 2 (Video Interview): Followed by coding test, selected candidates got the invite for interview on their registered mail IDs. It was conducted on the HireVue Platform which had 2 pre-recorded questions and we get a chance of answering each question in a maximum of 2 attempts within a given time frame. In my opinion, it is always good to answer both questions in your first attempt and this was the round with the most eliminations. The questions were a bit behavioral and for me it was

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. From any of your past experiences/projects, what was your learning, and how you overcame all the difficulties came across?

Duration: Around 10 mins

Round 3 (Code For Good Hackathon): After a month or two I got a mail that I was among the 650 students that have been selected for this hackathon. There were around 92 teams with around 6-8 candidates in one team and are divided into two further groups of 45-46 teams in each group. Our official kickstart of the event was on 17th June.

There was one session before kickstart to brief us about the event and get our doubts cleared.

17th-18th June:  It started with multiple workshops and seminars where we got to introduce to our teammates and also mentors and we were taught about how corporate thing works and things related to Github for our hackathon to upload our solution safely on GitHub. They used the BeMyApp platform where we get all our resources like teammate’s names and all other stuff related to the schedule of events lined up. Also, they created a workspace on Slack which is used to connect to our teammates and there are channels for help regarding registering or any sort of thing.

19th June: The day begins from 8 AM where all the NGOs came and presented their problem statements for which they have required a solution from us. After an hour of presentation when all of them presented the statements we have been given our separate zoom meeting’s link for each team and their two mentors and given a time of around 20min to discuss solutions to statements and after that, they released the form in which we had to fill our NGOs in priority order based on the statements we would like to work on and it was on first come first serve basis.

Around 11 AM we were allotted our NGO on which we have to work and for me, it was GiftAbled Foundation and we had to start working on it with the help of our mates and also mentors.

There were many SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)  which were available the whole night except for few hours and it works in a way that is when we required help in any of the technology we are using we just have to put our technology and team number on a Slack channel and they will be in our meeting soon they got a message.  

Also for my team, our mentors called us personally one by one in the breakout room on zoom and had a type of casual interview of around 45minutes for each of our team members.

20th June: Our 24hr long hackathon was coming to end and at 11 AM we have to submit our presentation and prototype have to upload on GitHub repository which was provided by them within this time and then we got a few minutes to break and then come to the NGO and technical judges to which we have to present our prototypes and solutions and answer them the questions which they raised.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to top 3 and were out of the final judgment round but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get an offer or the winners will surely get it.

From my team 4 of us got the offer to join the firm even we couldn’t make it to finals but the thing they considered was how we approached the problem and faced the issues and overcame it and also our conversations with mentors.

Points to Remember: 

  •  Have a meeting or discussion with your teammates before the kickstart when you got to know your team details and discuss technology you are going to use based on that.
  •  Be in a healthy discussion with everyone in the team as well as mentors and express your thoughts and suggestions properly to them. 
  •  Have a fruitful discussion of around an hour or 2 or as much as required without directly proceeding to write the code and discuss all the technology you have to work on or can take the help of mentors or SMEs as well.
  •  Focus on your presentation as well as its the key aspect you are going to present them and their deadlines are very strict and try not to go beyond that else it won’t be a good situation for the team.
  •  After a month of the hackathon, JPMC starts sending the offer letter to the candidates they selected from the event to join their firm for Software Engineering Programme (SEP) role.

All the best!

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