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JPMorgan Chase & Co. Code for Good Interview Experience 2021

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JP Morgan came for an on-campus drive in the month of Feb 2021. The interview process will consist of three rounds.

Round 1(Coding): Two Coding questions. Time duration is 1:30 hours. Level of difficulty: Medium – Hard.

Below two problems were asked in round 1.


Round 2(Virtual Video HR interview): 2 situational questions.

  1. Latest new learning experience
  2. Steps taken to achieve our goals 

I got selected for round 3. They announced the result in the month of may 2021.

Round 3(Code for Good):

  • Round 3 happened on June 18 and 19. 
  • Students from various colleges will be participating in this. 
  • We will be put into a group of 6- 7 members team. 
  • They will give NGO problems. 
  • We have to build a solution for that.  
  • To clear this round, have a knowledge in one full stack application or framework and be more interactive during the hackathon. 

Give your best.

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Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021
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