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ION Group Interview Experience for Rotational product developer | VIT 2020

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Round 1:

Mcqs and 2 coding. I ran all the test cases for one code and 10/19 test cases for the other one. Platform was AMCAT.  They shortlisted more than 100 students for the next round.

1st question was-

There are n projects and they take m weeks to be finished…. The employee can work on one project for one week then he has to switch to another project so for how many weeks can he work in total.



8 3 3

And 13

2nd Question-

There are 2 categories of book. You have to buy maximum books possible with the amount of money you have. You have to buy minimum one book from each category. Prices of the different books from both the categories were given.

Round 2: 

  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. Let’s start with a puzzle if you know it already tell me I’ll ask another one. 
  3. Then he asked which data structure will I used to store the following information-1 doctor and his patients. 
    • First I told hashMap. He asked if its only 1 doctor do u need hashmap?… so I said no. He said think of it like this u have to add and delete patients… so I said array list. He asked to think of all the operations that need to be done for the patients… so I told queue. He told ok what if a critical patient comes… so I said priority queue. He asked how does a priority queue works, I told the logic. Then he asked in a PQ if u have 5 patients and a critical patient arrives then what will happen I told since it is a PQ it’ll come in front so he asked will it?….won’t it be a stack then? Basically he asked if that element will stay at its position and just will be dequeued first or it’ll go at the front…I didn’t know this.
  4. Then he asked to tell the entities for a hospital management system, their relations cardinality ratio.
  5. Then he asked the oops concept.
  6. Then he asked me to code for it. Create classes for all entities and using the oops concept to make relations between them. (Design Pattern)
  7. Same for an office.

Didn’t qualify for further rounds (They took 13)

Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2020
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