ION Group Campus Interview Experience 2019

ION Group visited in our campus for recruitment for Rotational Product Developer.

Process: Academic criteria > Online Test > Preplacement talk > Technical Interview > ION Day(at ION Office)


Online Test: The first round was conducted on AMCAT test, consisting of English, Quantitative Ability, Logical ability and Programming.

After the Preplacement talk, results were announced and total 8 students were selected for the next round.

Technical Interview:

Interview started with questions on Java and OOPs concepts. You need to explain the concepts with real life examples. Focus on Inheritance, Polymorphism (Runtime vs Compile time) with examples.

Couple puzzles were asked involving variations of puzzle-3-priests-3-devils-puzzle and puzzle-measuring-block.

Write a program to find missing number in the given list (variation of this .Tips- focus on different approaches and edge cases)

About my Internship in Web development – couple Angular questions, client-server model and related questions.

How do you implement suggestion of words when typing (For example when typing on Google, if you type wiki, you get suggestions like wikiHow, Wikipedia, etc). Focus on Implementation approach and design in real life, optimisations and tradeoffs etc
Design a coffee machine in Java using OOPS ( No. of classes required etc)

Tips: Focus on Java and OOPS (with real life implementations). Knowledge on Design patterns will be helpful.

Results were announced couple days later and total 3 students were invited for ION day @ION India Head office, Noida.

Everything from travel and accomodation was provided by them.

ION Day:

Around 40 students from different colleges all over India were present, randomly divided into groups of 3.

Group ActivityEach group was given a case-study and after discussion, we need to present our ideas and thoughts. This took around 2hrs. This was the only non-elimination round in the process.

Tips- Be calm and confident in expressing your thoughts and ideas. Interact with others.

Next was MR round. We were given situational questions (what would you do if you were in xyz situation?) and also to design on real life problems ( Design a zero latency toll gate etc.).

It was followed by HR round with the ION Group Country Head.

Result was announced next day and 1 student from our college made it. Even though I couldn’t make it, it was really a great experience and learnt alot during the process.

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