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Interview Experience with Indus Valley Partners
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2014

Round 1 :
~200 students
Duration 60 minutes
Written round, comprising of aptitude question, logical puzzles, and technical questions.
(basic aptitude + heavy java)

You could clear it smoothly if your basics are clear 🙂

Round 2 :
20 students shortlisted and 6 were in waiting list
I was among the shortlisted students, and the fourth one to give the technical round 😛 !

2 interviewers

They started with tell us about yourself, a brief summary of the projects I did.

Then they asked oop concepts and java questions . Questions like threading, diamond problem, virtual destructor, run time polymorphism, compile time polymorphism, operator overloading, operator overriding, searching, sorting, basic algorithms, exception handling, schema, database design, sql queries like finding the second maximum element and joins were the main questions asked .

One of the interviewer gave a table and asked to normalize it. Explain everything you know !

Since I worked with python on a research project they asked questions about it.Then questions about GSoC, GCI and a matlab project . You need to be confident of what you have done and how you have done .

I was also asked a logical puzzle based on the concept of binary search.

I was also asked about the ruby scholarship as I was selected for that and about a technical group for women of whom I am the co founder. One of the interviewer said he felt racial as I made a group only for females 3-4 times (may be he wanted to know how I will react under stress ) I explained with an example of the ratio of females working in Indus Valley Partner (females have increased in Ivp according to them 🙂 )
They were happy at the end 🙂 as they said it was really nice talking to you 🙂

It lasted for 45-50 minutes, within few minutes, I was called for the hr + director round ..

Round 3 :

~10 were called
Duration : 30 minutes
HR + Director round

HR questions like what do you know about ivp, weaknesses, why we should hire you were asked, hobbies

Director asked questions about algorithmns and again projects were asked .
I was asked about sorting techniques, I explained about quick sort, merge sort, insertion sort, selection sort, bucket sort, radix sort, count sort with their complexities and auxiliary space used.

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