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Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2018

Indus Valley Partners
Eligibility : 6.5 CGPA
Job Location : Noida

Round 1:

Aptitude + Reasoning + Coding(mostly OOPS) Multiple Choice questions. Total of 35, the difficult level of questions ranged from easy to medium, mostly the limited time of 30 min was the deciding factor.
42 were selected out of 120. Within an hour after the first round the second round was conducted.

Round 2:

Pen and Paper based Coding round of 30 min duration consisting of 3 coding questions .
1. Sorting question (not really that easy as it sounds) (5 marks)
2. Convert a fraction a/b in its simplest form. ex: 6/8 to 3/4 (10 marks)
3. Matrix based – some kind of- real world problem (15 marks)

I was able to attempt two questions (2 and 3), there was No language constraint for solving the questions, but pseudocodes were not allowed.

15 were selected for the Interviews conducted next day in the morning.

Round 3:

Technical Interview begin with Tell me about yourself and your hobbies. Then questions from my project of Web Development were asked, a little bit about the front-end and all the functionalities and the database schema of the project, what type of data and how it was stored, validations and checks on data. Difference between HTML 5 and the previous versions. What can be improved in the project. I was asked about the algo IRCTC uses for ticket booking as my project was of Railway reservation, how they allocate seat when people opt for certain berth and if only one seat is available and two people make payment for it at the same time? My approach of using Time stamp and synchronization were quite satisfying.

The core of the Interview was on Basics of OOPS he started with some basics like why OOPS is needed and what are its 4 pillars, explain about them. Main topics : constructors, inheritance, static and dynamic binding. Questions like At what time the objects are initialized, Interfaces and need for them. The confusion complexity of questions was leveling up after each answer.

Then he shifted to Database and questions like ACID properties, Normalization and then few SQL queries and operation like Join and order-by.

Final Set of question were tell me few share market companies was given a 24 hr share market data of a company recorded every hour and a few constraints, then asked to design a algo/logic to find the Entry and Exit points to maximize the profit. Lastly, he asked a puzzle related to cricket as I said it as my hobby earlier.

The Interview went on for around 1 hr.

6 students were shortlisted after the technical Interview.

Round 4:

Director Interview started with What all you have done in your college life, your hobbies and passion. Where do you see yourself in some years. Then I was asked details about one of my Android project.

I was asked 2 questions:

  • A puzzle to solve.
  • An algo of summing 1 to n, with certain constraints, than we discussed the approach and optimized it further.

The Interview went on for around 25 min.

5 were shortlisted further.

Round 5:

HR Interview was the final round.

It started with Tell me something about you, about my background, Why do you want to join our company. Then he asked about my Institute, its campus and a few more general college life questions.

I was asked how I will handle conflict of opinion with other people, any real life scenario of such situation, what all I liked in the Interview process and what I disliked. At last, I was asked If I had any questions, to which I asked some.

The Interview went on for around 40 min.

The result was announced an hour after the interviews were over, and finally they Selected 3 candidates.

PS: All the Interviewers were really supportive and encouraging and made the whole process very much Interactive.

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