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Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience | Set 2 (On campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2017

Round 1:
Normal aptitude consisting of Math and Java ( Refer India Bix)
40 were selected out of 300

Round 2: 
Group Discussion
4 groups of 10 each were formed and topic were on general issues.  My topic was “Is today’s youth confident or confused”.
24 were selected for next round

Round 3:
Technical Round
1) Basic questions on Java: What is JVM, what is multiple inhertiance
2) Final year projects
3) Explain features which you will add in Online Ticket System (I spoke about movie tickets..  One feature I said was no person can book a same seat at one time..Then he asked how will you do it.
Answer: Synchronisation
4) Indexing in database.
After this 12 students were called for HR round.

Round 4:  

Normal HR questions and Quiz questions were asked.

Round 5 :

There was tie in 6 people.. So they conducted a GD once more time.

This time the topic was technical:.

Machine Learning in finance.

Finally they selected four.

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