Indus Valley Partners Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship 2020

IVP visited our campus in September. They had a cutoff of 7.

Round 1: Coding Round
This round comprised of 2 coding questions, 25 Quantitative Apitude MCQ questions and 15 Technical MCQ’s.
Coding questions:
1.Given a number “A” and some power “N” what is the last digit of A raised to N.

2. You are given an array of integers. Find the length of the longest increasing subsequence.

Technical MCQ’s were based on OOPS, Operating Systems and Java.

Round 2: Tech Interview-1
Firstly I was asked to introduce myself.
Then I was asked questions based on my CV and projects that I had done. Next, I was asked to define concepts of OOPS like encapsulation, abstraction, modularity, polymorphism etc..
Next was a SQL query involving sum() along with inner join of 2 tables. And at last I was asked about aggregate functions in SQL like sum, avg, count, min and max.

Round 3: Tech Interview-2 + HR
Again, this round began with introduction.
This round focused on my CV and OS. From OS, he asked about kernel, types of process scheduling and some more general definitions. At last, he asked me what is the difference between Left join and Left outer Join. I instantly said that they are the same. He asked me whether was I sure about it and told me to think again. I got confused by this and ended up saying they were different and added few wrong points to my answer; to which he laughed and said that they really are the same !
So never lose confidence in an interview. The interviewer may try to confuse you but you should be firm with your answer.

The HR section included questions like: Why do you want to join us? Would you leave us if you are hired by a better company? etc.

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