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Informatica Interview Experience (On-campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2020
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In the 1st round, there were a total of 30 questions were asked from OS, DBMS and Algorithms/DAA with an exact count of 10 each.

Questions are from Deadlocks, Banker Algorithm, B+ tree, Sorting techniques, Scheduling & Paging techniques.

Out of 350, only 42 were selected for Round-2.

Just brush up the basics of these 3 subjects!!!


In the 2nd round, 4 questions were asked…

Languages available : C, C++, C#, JAVA (No Python)

  1. Find the Maximum sum from the non-continuous subsets of the given array of positive & negative integers.
  2. Find the Maximum sum from the Persubset of the given array where no two elements should be adjacent.

Eg: Input array is 1 2 3 4 5 6 and the maximum sum will be 12 (i.e., by taking subset = {6, 4, 2} as they’re non-adjacent).

3. Find the count of all contiguous sub-arrays of length>1 whose sum is divisible by the given number.

4. Print all combinations of the given string.

Out of 42, 14 made it to the next round.

Practice the Linked list, Array & Strings problems in Gfg!!!

Round 3: (TECHNICAL HR-1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

In this, I would like to compile the questions from all the technical rounds I faced because any question can be asked in any round…

Topics to be thorough at:

1. Nothing but the topics in the resume you’d provided them especially the Area(s) of Interest & Project(s) done.


1.Tell me about yourself

Try to say the interesting content(s) not in your resume!!!

2. What is your role in the Project and about the API of my project?

Here, only you can help yourself, and Gfg can’t do anything regarding this.

Also, be thorough in & out about your project.

3. Least Common Ancestor of 2 given nodes with root node of the tree provided.

I solved it using Recursion!

4. OOPS concepts (My Area of Interest) with real time examples.

5. Given a sorted array and an integer(say ‘k’),   print the unique pairs whose sum is k.

Initially, I solved it with O(n^2) with 2 loops. Then as per his request, I solved it with O(n) complexity (by comparing the sum of 1st(pointer-1) & last(pointer-2) array element with k and moving pointer-1 and/or pointer-2 accordingly).

6. Stock Buy-Sell for Maximum profit problem. (Ref:

7. What is Normalisation?

8. Correlated Sub-Query problem.

9. Implementation of Graph using Linked list (i.e., Adjacency List).

Out of 14, 6 got selected for the final one.

Be patient till the end and don’t get frustrated by continuous rounds (take breaks) and be the best version of you on the Interview day.

Stick to your Resume!!!

Round 4: (FINAL HR)

Now, I could relax as there won’t be any technical queries any more.


  1. Why Informatica?
  2. Your Strength & Weakness.
  3. Where would you like to see you after 1 year?
  4. Family Background.
  5. Salary discussion.

Finally, 4 got selected for Full time+1 year Intern.

Be calm & composed.

Don’t get overwhelmed until you crack the final one!!!

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