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Informatica Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 29 May, 2019

Round 1: Online MCQ Test (45 minutes)
We were given 30 MCQ’s, Most of the MCQ’s were from the below
1. Operating System(5-8 Questions)
2. Database Management(4-5 Questions)
3. Algorithms( 5-8 Questions)
4. Data Structure (5-8 Questions)
5. Mixed bag from Computer Architecture to compiler design

Out of 542, 62 were shortlisted

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Round 2: Coding Test (90 minutes)
We were given 4 problems, language was optional but preferred was Java or C++ .
The questions were divided 2 easy 2 hard, Easy was 5 Marks, Hard was 10 marks.
1. Given a array check for the sum of sub array with the maximum sum. (there were conditions which needed to be validated.
2 . Check whether a number can be represented as a sum of k numbers
3. Print the sub array with maximum sub without adjacent elements (if a is selected it’s adjacent element cannot be added.
4. Lexicographical rank of string. ( The question was to find rank in dictionary)

Out of 62 shortlisted only 25 made it to next round.

Round 3:  Technical round
After coding it was the technical interview(Face to Face and One on One), 5 questions were asked for me, the main focus was on optimizing the approach of the code, he also asked some basic questions about the Data Structure and Algorithms, Gave a scenario and asked for the best fitting algorithms.
 Another 4 were rejected in this round.
Coding questions were from tree, linked list, hashing and string.

Round 4:  Technical round
This was the second Technical interview(Face to Face and One on One). this was a longer interview questions were from OS, DBMS focus on SQL,   Data Structure and Algorithms, almost all subjects were covered, the trick questions about the mentioned coding language was also there.
Round 5:  Technical round
This was the third Technical interview( Face to Face and One on One), it was more focus on the RESUME and PROJECT, you will be asked about your role in the project and specific question, whatever you have written in the resume will be asked. (Tip :Write Less if the resume has anything you are weak in and the interviewer is strong in be sure that you will get rejected) . If you have really done the project then there is no issue.

Round 6:  Hiring Manager Round
This was a combination of the HR + coding, easy puzzles and some coding was asked following a series of easy HR interview . They will see your approach so be calm and you will get it.

After this round only 14 students were left.

Round 7:  HR Round
This was the HR round, just be calm and be yourself, don’t try to outsmart the HR,
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years
3. Tell me about your Strength and Weakness
4. Plans for future studies?

Don’t Mug Up the Answers just say what you really are and you will get through,
Be Calm in the HR round even if you are frustrated from the long coding interview.
Only 7 Students were Selected after this Round
ALL the best.

This article is contributed by Bharat Sharma

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