Informatica Internship Interview Experience | Set 10 (On-Campus)

I was offered an internship in GCS (Global Customer Support)


1)Round 1 : MCQ on apti and technical
2)Round 2: F2F interview
3)Round 3: F2F interview
4)Round 4: F2F panel interview
5)Round 5: F2F with Vice president
6)Round 6: F2F with another Vice president
7)Round 7: HR round.

Round 1 ( out of 120 people around 25 were shortlisted to next round) :
There were 4 sections all were MCQs:
-> Quantitative aptitude (10 questions 10 marks)
-> DBMS+OS ( 10 questions 10 marks)
-> C ( 10 questions 10 marks)
->English ( 10 questions 10 marks)

Round 2:

Pure technical round questions were from DS, OS, Unix and DBMS.
They ask unix commands because they work on linux.
difficulty level was medium.

Round 3:

Technical questions on algorithms like time and space complexity.
Few coding questions like sorting techniques, find height of binary tree.
Puzzles were asked.

Round 4:

3 people in the panel interviewed me,
questions were on puzzles, technical OS level questions, how do you connect to a DB through a java program.
They asked what is meant by 32 bit OS,
What is the speed of the processor mean.

Round 5:
Questions on networks(basics) like differences between TCP and UDP.
Swap 2 numbers without using temp variable( only logic)

Round 6
This was a stress round.i was given a puzzle and asked to solve in 1 min.
Do not panic in this round, solve as much as you can.
i was asked to write 15 unix commands.

Round 7:
HR round
basic HR questions.

Topics to concentrate on::

1) OS (Process management, Memory management, Deadlocks)
2) Unix commands
3) DS( hashing, trees, linked lists, stacks.queues)
4) Puzzles (most of them are on geeksforgeeks)
5) DBMS (nested queries)

out of 120 students only 6 were selected at last.


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