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Informatica Internship Interview Experience

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2019
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Informatica recently visited our campus to hire full time employees and interns. About 70 students appeared out of which 4 were given internship and two were given both internship and full time job offer. I was lucky to get an internship. Here is my interview experience.

Round 1:(online MCQs)
MCQs on Data structures, C/C++, DBMS, OS and networking

Round 2:(online subjective)
20 questions of easy level. Time constraint exists. No one was able to solve all 20 questions. We had to write codes, algos, point out mistakes in given code etc

Round 3:(Interview)
1. Discussion on ethical hacking

2. Discussion on my projects at Microsoft IDC(I was an intern there)

3. Print all nodes at same vertical in a tree.(very tough)

4. Remove all occurrences of a particular value from a linked list

5. Find all root to leaf paths with a given sum

Round 5:
1. Implement insertion sort using stacks. Temporary memory, input, output etc, everything is in stacks.

2. Implement 2-D array in heap segment. This has to be used for page faults and related OS tasks. What modifications will you make?

3. Polymorphism, run time polymorphism and implementational details

4. Find a magic index ‘i’ in an array in o(1) time, such that a[i] = i. The array is already sorted

Round 6:
1. Flatten a multi level linked list

2. Find Next greater element in an array.

3. Check whether an array of strings can form a cycle, i.e., last element of one node can occur anywhere in the first of other

Round 7:(HR)

Basic HR questions, relocation questions, family background etc.

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