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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 27 (On-Campus for Internship)

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First Round: It was an online round on hackerrank platform, comprising of 2 coding questions and 5 MCQs. The MCQs were based on OOPs, Data Structures and OS, with 10 marks each with negative marking. The first coding question was a simple mathematical problem (15 marks) and the second question was a variation of sliding window problem(35 marks).

  1. Say we want to arrange n coins in rows such that 1st row can contain 1 coin, 2nd row can contain 2 coins, 3rd row can contain 3 coins and so on. What is the maximum number of rows that can be completely filled using the n coins?
  2. Given an array of n positive integers, find the number of subarrays such that product of the elements of those subarrays are less than k.
    For eg. Arr= {2, 3, 6} k=10
    No of such subarrays= 4

Total 9 were selected after this round.
Second Round: (F2F) The interviewer didnt waste time and gave 2 coding questions.

  1. Given a string find the length and start index of the largest substring having repeated characters. For eg. Input: “aabbbcdde”, Output: length=3, start index=2
  2. Given an array of n integers find the size of the smallest subset such that sum of its elements is equal to k.
    For eg. Input: Array={1,2,3,4}, k=6
    Output: 2

The interviewer asked me write the code and dry run the code for 2-3 test cases. This round took about 45 mins.

Third Round: (F2F) The interviewer started by asking me to talk about myself and about the previous rounds. Then he asked me a lot of questions on my CV for about 20 mins (Competitive Programming).
Then he gave me a coding question: Given q queries find frequency of the queried element in the given array. I directly gave him the binary search solution and he asked me to code it up.
Then he asked me to write the code for BST insert and search. Since I had mentioned JAVA in my CV, he gave me a code for LinkedList in java and asked me to find the mistakes in it. He also asked me 2-3 puzzles and a question on probability. This round lasted for about 45 mins.
Five people made it to the 4th round.

Fourth Round: (F2F) This was a technical cum HR round. The interviewer was given already given feedback about my performances in the previous rounds so he started by casual talks about the college and then he moved onto my CV. He asked me about my codechef and hackerrank profiles and then we also had a discussion on ACM-ICPC.
Then he gave me a problem: Given an array of numbers, rearrange and concatenate the numbers so as to form the largest number possible. I gave him the approach, he seemed convinced and asked me write the code for it. I made a few mistakes but I was quick enough to realize them as I was explaining him my code. The interviewer said he didnt mind them as the approach was correct.
Then he gave me a few situations and asked me to give my reactions and asked me how I would behave in such situations. All those questions focussed on teamwork.
He then again moved to technical and started asking me OOPs concepts: Virtual Functions, Virtual Classes, Interface, Method Overriding vs Overloading, Operator Overloading.
After a few tech questions, he again started asking me some small behavioural questions. He then talked about Goldman Sachs and its work culture.
This round lasted for about 1hr 30mins.
Finally 2 people were selected for the internship.

Some tips: Have a good CV. Focussing on competitive programming helps. Most of the time the interviewers didn’t bother to take a look at my code just because they were impressed by my CP profiles. Be well prepared for HR questions like Tell me something about yourself or why Goldman Sachs.

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Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2019
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