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IIIT Hyderabad Admission Experience for M.Tech

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It was a wonderful experience in IIIT Hyderabad as the professors were very humble, supporting and helpful. Selection will be based on PGEE(Post Graduate Entrance Examination) and Interview (most vital round). PGEE has two sections i.e. General Aptitude and Subject Paper. In Aptitude test and in Subject Paper there is no negative marking that is a plus point. Here how is my journey started:- My father had a transferable job. He was transferred from Mumbai to Hyderabad we shifted to Hyderabad. There I completed my B. Tech degree. I completed my B. Tech degree with 89.2% I’m currently pursuing my degree in CSE at IIIT Hyderabad. My GATE score was 802. I cracked the entrance exam as the result came within 15 days and after that one mail was sent in which there I was told to move for further interview process. My interview was on 10th June. I went on 10th June at 4p.m.and I went inside the interview room to fill up the form to submit the required documents and I was being told to wait outside and after 30 mins I was again called inside for the further interview process. My heart was beating very fast at that point of time but anyhow I relaxed my mind. At interview panel there was 4-5 professors. They were vigorously asking me questions one by one. My interview went for 15-20 mins. Firstly they asked me to introduce yourself, and later on they asked me about my B. Tech college and my B. Tech post job experience (if any). They questioned me why M. Tech why not M.S.? Why you want you to go for research? After that the actual conversation starts. Then the interviewers asked about my favorite subjects. I told them Data Structure, Algorithms & Operating System as my favorite subjects and anyhow they are going to ask out of your favorite subjects. I answered all the questions related to Data Structures. I was called in the board to solve the algorithm and i solved the algorithm. Then afterwards they started to asking more difficult questions. I answered almost all the questions in a confident way but I failed to answer some of the questions based on inheritances. I was not able to answer the tricky questions but as I mentioned the professors were very supporting and down to earth. They were helping me in catching up those questions. Last but not the least the interview was concluded with a thank you by the professor with a smiling face. I was upset and lost all hope because I was thinking that I was not able to answer some questions. On 27 the June I got a mail and Finally I got selected for M. Tech in CSE in IIIT Hyderabad and my joining date was 22th July 2017. Note:-
  • Don’t be panic rather be calm in answering the questions.
  • Don’t argue with the professors.
  • Say if don’t know the answer.
  • Don’t stop preparing after GATE exam rather keep revising the subjects. No need to worry it is easy to crack PGEE.
  • Always stay positive, your result will be better.

Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2023
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