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IIT Hyderabad M.Tech Admission Experience

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I got a call for M.Tech RA(Winter) on 19/11/2018 and Interview was scheduled on 26/11/2018. I applied using the GATE 2017 scorecard. My GATE 2017 score was 483 and rank 4611(gen). People having gate score 450+ was called(This is what I feel by talking to students there). Around 60+ people showed up. 


First-round was a written exam. Test Duration is 1 an hour. It started at 10:30 am. The question paper consists of MCQ type questions. 
Questions were based on C programming, Compiler Design, Analysis of sorting algorithms, Basic Machine Learning, Probability, Linear Algebra, DBMS, OS, etc. Other than basic ML questions all questions are like gate questions. Compiler Design questions were quite tricky. 

After MCQ round a pen and paper-based coding round was taken. It consists of 2 programming questions one of them is related to dynamic programming. Test Duration was 1/2 an hour 
(This was not considered for further shortlisting. They told us those who will be shortlisted based on the MCQ result. Questions may be asked in the interview regarding there approach to the coding problem) 


20 students were selected for the next round. I was one of them πŸ˜€ 

First, we were told to sit in one classroom, and orientation for RA projects started at around 2 p.m followed by form filling in which you need to write your preference for interview. Projects were something related to autonomous cars (Computer Architecture Optimization), ML related project Computer Network related projects related to 5G, Compiler Design, etc. 

After that Document verification was done. According to your preference for the project, the professor called us for an interview. 

Prof 1 Research area(Compiler Design) 
Prof 2 Research area(Computer Architecture) 
Prof 3 Research area(Machine Learning) 

Prof 3: Introduce yourself 
Me: I told them I am currently working in TCS. 

Prof 3: He asked whether TCS or TCS innovation. 
Me: TCS 
(Maybe they are looking for research-oriented person) 

Prof 1: What is the time complexity of Matrix Multiplication? 
Me: O(n^3) 

Prof 1: Explain how? 
Me: Explained. He looks satisfied 

Prof 1: What is LL1 parser? What is LR parser? Why they are named so? 
Me: Explained but he wanted more info. 

Prof 2: What is a spatial locality and temporal locality? 
Me: Explained 

Prof 2: Delete a Node from the linked list without head pointer.(
Me: Not able to figure out πŸ™ 

Prof 3: Your first preference is ML. You have some experience related to that. 
Me:No sir, but currently I am doing Andrew Neg course on Coursera and wanted to do M.Tech in ML related field. 

Prof 3: Difference between linear regression and logistic regression. 
Me:Told about linear regression only πŸ™ 

Prof 3: Why research? 
Me: Told 

Prof 3: What are ACID properties in DBMS transaction? 

Prof 3: Asked questions related to B tree, B+ tree. 
Me: Answer a few of them. 

After 2-3 weeks, the list came out 20, and 8 were selected and I was not on the list πŸ™ 

Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2023
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