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Hughes Systique On-campus Placement Procedure
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019

Hughes Systique visited my college BVCOE, New Delhi on 26th August. Below is the description of rounds.

Round 1: CODING + MCQ

It was an online coding+mcq round on hackerearth platform. There were 2 coding ques, both were on stl::sort algorithm. In one ques, we were given 5 coordinates, we had to sort the coordinates in increasing x coordinate and if 2 x coordinates are same, we had to return the one with larger y coordinate. In second ques, sort function was applied on string and lexicographical order was kept in mind. 40 MCQ ques were from CN, DBMS, OOPS and Cpp. Level were same as that available in gfg.

Round-1 Cleared, solved both problems and 20-25 mcqs.


They started with “tell me about yourself”. First ques given to me was to solve a puzzle. Puzzle was easy one, a clock is there. At 12, both hour and minute hands stay together. Minute hand moves 3 times faster than hour hand, when will they meet next? I took some time and finally answered the puzzle. It was correct, at 6.30 they will meet overlapping each other.

Then technical round begun. 4 very easy coding questions were given

1. How to reverse a string

2. How to find missing number from array

3. Swap 2 numbers without using any 3rd variable

4. Reverse a linked list

Other than these questions, there were ques from OOPS, JavaScript(since i mentioned it in my resume).

Note: They are more focussed on what you mentioned in resume, so prepare for it wisely.

Round-2 Cleared


This was the final round. This wasn’t a typical HR round as you would assume. Only thing that made it HR was the second person judging my confidence, body language, soft skill, way I communicated. That’s it. Mainly it was another technical round, tougher that previous one.

The guy was very knowledgable. He checked my resume, asked me which language I am most comfortable in and boomm, he started throwing the worst questions. To start with, he asked me to implement “to_string” and “stoi” functions. I tried and it was a good discussion overall. He pointed out the errors in code and I corrected all of those. He was impressed, because I had my basics clear. My code might not be correct but I corrected it after he pointed errors. This is what they check in interview. They don’t expect you to know everything, but get your basics strong.

Then he asked me my favourite subject. I told Computer Networks. He asked me questions on Protocols. Asked me how FTP works and how to transfer file from windows to linux. Then he asked me what are call stacks and tried to trick me by making a static array in a function and asked what will it return. Array must be declared in heap section, so I told him the same. He was impressed.

Finally he asked me if I had any question for them. I asked a few. He answered well and asked me to wait for the result. My interview process was over at 5.30 pm.

Result declared at 8pm.

4 Students got selected and I was one of them. For any other doubt mail me at

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