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How to add icon logo in title bar using HTML ?

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Most of the websites adds icon or image logo in the title bar. The icon logo is also called as favicon. Adding favicons is also considered to be good for the SEO of the websites. The favicon is the combination of favorite icon.

The link attribute is used to add the favicon.


<link rel="icon" href="icon_path" type="image/icon type">


<!-- HTML code to add icon in the title bar -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset = "utf-8" />
            GeeksforGeeks icon
        <!-- add icon link -->
        <link rel = "icon" href
        type = "image/x-icon">
        <h1 style = "color:green;">
            GeeksforGeeks icon added in the title bar


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Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2019
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