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HSBC interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2016
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Interview experience:
2 profiles , one for legacy technologies one for new age technologies(big data, cloud computing,data analytics)

Round 1:

Written round consisting of 5 sections verbal(passage / article consisting of 20 blanks),analytical/aptitude(very basic questions),attention(very easy),C&Data Structures(easy includes sorting, graph, output questions),Java(involved a bit concepts interface ,threading , collections ).
It had sectional cut-off and java section was really the deciding factor.

Round 2:

Coding round:
2 questions: 30 minutes
1:Given a string count number of consonants, vowels and ‘?’,’!’,’*’.String consists of only lower case characters.

2:Given a 2D matrix as

0 0 1
0 0 0
1 0 0

1 1 1
1 0 1
1 1 1 

constraints:in-place algorithm
Explanation:change the row and column of a[i][[j] to all 1’s if its equal to 1.
ith row with all 1 and jth column with all 1 as shown.

They will judge you on time and space complexity as the questions were easy.

Round 3:

Technical Interview 1:(both legacy and new age)(1 & 30 hour)
Q1: Tell me about yourself.
A:I gave a good reply and he asked about my habit of reading tech articles as i mentioned.Then i explained about Quantum computing and it took 20 minutes.
Q2: From my CV about my projects(in detail) and internships.
Q3: Gave certain problems about DDOS and possible solutions one being your server limit is 10000 and the hacker sends in 1000000 bogus requests how will you handle such situation.
A2:I explained about the Firewall concept but he wasn’t satisfied.
Q3: Explain the use of your projects/technologies in Bank enterprise.
Q4: Asked about the situation to solve the problem of pass-key loss in internet banking(He asked about what problem you face in internet banking to which i said this problem)
A5: I proposed a good solution to which he seemed impressed.

Main focus was on the CV.

Round 3:(30 minutes)

Technical Interview 2:(only for new age)
Q1: Why do you want to work with HSBC ?
Q2: Explain about the projects.
Q3: What technology you want to work upon and Why?

Round 4 :

HR Interview
Q1: Tell me about yourself
Q2: Situation:You are in a team of 5 and 1 of them has a conflicting thought upon a project.What will you do?
Q3: How do you perceive people?
Q4: Situation: 10 people say that a person X is really annoying and you have to share a room with him .What will you do?
Q5; Any questions?

Finally they selected 3 for the New age technologies(they call them ACERS) and 5 for the Legacy technologies. Best of luck to everyone.And Thanks .

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