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HSBC Interview Experience for Trainee Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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This is only my experience, NOT a generic description of how the process is.

Round 1(i) – CoCubes Assessment: The first round of CoCubes Assessment consisted of general aptitude, verbal and technical questions. (70 questions, 75 Mins). 

  • Aptitude questions were from topics including but not limited to ratio and proportion, speed time and distance (20 questions). 
  • Verbal questions were from the generally asked areas like synonyms, antonyms, replace with the most appropriate phrase, error correction etc (20 questions). Technical questions were from Java, Python, C++ and C (predict the output), cloud, DBMS etc (30 questions).

Round 1(ii) – CoCubes Coding Assessment (2 Questions – 30 Mins): Questions asked were-

  1. Find unit digit of x raised to power y.
  2. Given the value of different cards in a deck of cards, find the total sum of the deck. 

Round 2(HSBC Values Assessment): Those who cleared round 1 attended the 2nd round which was a scenario-based test where we have to choose the best and worst possible answers for the scenario provided.

Round 3(Technical Interview): The technical round lasted for 20-25 minutes. 

  • Being a EEE(Electrical & Electronics Engineering) student, the first question I was asked was why I was changing domains and if I was aware of the fact that once I change to Software domain, it would be almost impossible for me to go back to core. 
  • The interviewer next asked me to explain my projects in depth. 
  • Questions in the technical round were from classes, pillars of oops with explanation and real life analogies for each, files, header files and the involved concepts, recursion concept, also asked me to write a program using recursion.  

Round 4(HR Interview): The technical round lasted for 15-20 minutes. The interviewer was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. He asked me how excited I was and what my state of mind was.  

  1. Tell me something about yourself that I cannot find on your resume.
  2. Have you worked in teams, what are the challenges you have faced?
  3. Have you failed? What according to you is failure?
  4. What does stress mean to you? What is your take on stress and pressure?
  5. How will you lead a team? What do you think should be the qualities of a good leader?
  6. How will you deal with an unresponsive teammate?
  7. What do you know about HSBC?

The interview was wrapped up after a few more HR+Managerial questions. 

Note: Be thorough with your resume and everything you have mentioned in it. Do not mention anything that you cannot defend or you are not confident about in the resume. Stay calm, be confident and trust the process!

This is ONLY MY EXPERIENCE. This is NO GUARANTEE on how the process is going to be.

All the best! 🙂

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Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2022
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