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How to install Master PDF Editor on Ubuntu

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A strong tool for creating or editing existing PDF documents is the Master PDF Editor. Keep reading to learn how to install the Master PDF editor on Ubuntu Linux as it is not accessible through the default repository. When you install Master PDF Editor, you can edit PDF files and save your changes in addition to opening and viewing them. The free edition only permits the generation of new PDF files, the completion of PDF forms, the addition and/or editing of bookmarks in PDF files, the commenting and annotation of PDF files, and the splitting and merging of PDF files. 

Installation of Master PDF Editor on Ubuntu

Follow the below steps for successful installation of the Master PDF Editor application on the Ubuntu system.

Step 1: Open the browser and visit the official download page for Linux given on the website of Code Editor.


Step 2:  Click on the Download button, and we will see various deb files.


Step 3:  As our Ubuntu system is 22.04. So we will download the deb file for 18.x – 22.x.


Step 4: After clicking on the deb file, a popup will appear, click on the Save File option.


Step 5: After downloading, open up the terminal and navigate to the Downloads directory using the cd command.

cd Downloads/


Step 6: List out all the files in the Downloads directory by using the ls command.



Step 7: We have the Debian file of this PDF editor in the Downloads directory, now simply execute the below command to install it.

sudo apt install ./master-pdf-editor-5.8.70-qt5.x86_64.deb


Step 8: To launch the application, just goto to the Activities Panel and search for the Master PDF Editor application, click on the icon to open the application.


Step 9: After clicking on the icon, the dashboard of the application will be displayed.


Usage of Master PDF Editor

Step 1: We have a pdf file stored on our local disk. So we will open this file in the Master PDF application.


Step 2: We are opening the pdf file from the application.


Step 3: We have opened the PDF file in the PDF Editor. We can perform operations like modifying and inserting the PDF file.


Step 4: Now, we will edit the pdf file by adding the text to it. We have selected the TypeWriter option to write the text in the pdf file.


Step 5: Here, we are adding the stamp to the file. The text can be customized as per the requirement.


Step 6: Here, we are adding the radio button in the file.


Step 7: Sticky notes can also be added to the file.


So we have successfully installed the Master PDF Editor application on the Ubuntu system.

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Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2023
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