cd command in Linux with Examples

cd command in linux known as change directory command. It is used to change current working directory.


$ cd [directory]

To move inside a subdirectory : to move inside a subdirectory in linux we use

$ cd [directory_name]

In the above example, we have checked number of directories in our home directory and moved inside the Documents directory by using cd Documents command.

Different functionalities of cd command :

  • cd /: this command is used to change directory to the root directory, The root directory is the first directory in your filesystem hierarchy.
    $ cd /

    Above, / represents the root directory.

  • cd dir_1/dir_2/dir_3: This command is used to move inside a directory from a directory
    $ cd dir_1/dir_2/dir_3

    In above example, we have the document directory and inside the document directory we have a directory named geeksforgeeks and inside that directory we have example directory. To navigate example directory we have used command cd Documents/geeksforgeeks/example.

  • cd ~ : this command is used to change directory to the home directory.
    $ cd ~


    $ cd 

    cd : this commad also work same as cd ~ command.

  • cd .. : this command is used to move to the parent directory of current directory, or the directory one level up from the current directory. “..” represents parent directory.
    $ cd .. 

  • cd “dir name”: This command is used to navigate to a directory with white spaces.Instead of using double quotes we can use single quotes then also this command will work.
    $ cd "dir name"

    In above example, we have navigated the My songs directory by using cd “My songs” command.


    $ cd dir\ name :

    this command work same as cd “dir name” command.

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