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How to Install GIT on Chrome OS?

Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022
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Git is a type of version control system. There are two types of version control systems are present. One is Centralised & another one is distributed. Centralized VCs are less effective in nature. So, Distributed VCs now replaced the Centralised version. It is a good example of a distributed version control system. It is used for developing any big projects for company purposes. Every contributor contributes their part of the code in Git & then these all parts are combined with each other & make a complete outcome. There is a machine available called a Chromebook. It is a similar type of laptop, but it has Chrome operating system. There is an option to enable the Linux terminal in ChromeBook. It is necessary as this terminal will be required whenever any software is installed.


  • Git helps to work collaboratively in teams. It also helps to reduce the burden of developing projects.
  • Git helps to make an alternative way to implement a project without losing the older data.
  • Using Git, previously implemented code can be easily checked by the developers.

Installing git on Chrome OS

In Chromebook, the easiest way to install Git is to enable a Linux environment. As in the Linux environment, Git is already installed. So, Git can not be installed in Chrome OS separately. As for installing Git separately, Git installing command must be run in the Linux terminal. It will prompt an error, as Git is already installed there.

Step 1: At first open the settings of the Chromebook. Then expand the Advanced settings and then click on the Developers option.



Step 2: There one option will be present. That will ask for to turn on or enable the Linux development environment. It is a very necessary element for Chrome OS. Without it installation of any software is impossible. As Git is very essential, so Git is already available with it.



Step 3: Then one window will be opened. This will ask to continue the process. Just click on Next to proceed.



Step 4: It is advisable not to make any changes in the given detail. It will fill up all details automatically. Click on Install.



Step 5: Wait for some time to complete the installation process. 



Step 6: If the installation is successful then the Linux terminal will be prompt up automatically. Then the below command should be run. It will show which Git version has been installed along with the Linux environment in your Chromebook.

git –version



Hence, the process is completed successfully.

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