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How to Install Code Blocks for C++ on Linux?

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021
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Code::Blocks is a free IDE( an integrated development environment), for C/C++ and FORTRAN languages. It is a cross-platform IDE and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, In this article, we are going to discuss various methods using which we can install Code Blocks on Linux.:

Installation Code Blocks for C++ on Linux:

Method 1: Using apt install commands:

Follow the below steps to install Code Blocks for C++ on Linux using the apt install terminal command:

Step 1: Before starting the actual installation, we must have the GCC compiler installed on our system. To install GCC run the following command in your terminal.

sudo apt install g++


Installation Code Blocks for C++ on Linux using apt install command

installing GCC compiler.

As we have already installed the GCC compiler it is displaying, g++ is already installed with the newer version.

 Step 2: Now, we just have to install the code blocks using the following command and confirm the installation by pressing “Y”:

sudo apt install codeblocks


installing codeblocks

 Step 3: To open the code blocks navigate to the activities launcher (search) and type code blocks, you will see code blocks icons, click on the icon to install the code block.

Opening Code blocks

Method 2: Using Software Center:

Follow the below steps to install Code Blocks for C++ on Linux:

 Step 1: Open up the software manager that you have using the activity launcher.

software manager

Installing through the software center

Step 2: Search for Code blocks and click on the code blocks.

 Search for Code blocks

Downloading code blocks

Step 3: Select the first one the Code::Blocks and click on the install button, wait for the installation to be finished, then open the code blocks

click on the install button

installing code blocks.

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