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How to convert html.slim to html.erb ?

  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021
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Introduction to slim and erb: Slim files and tools are used to make the code more light and will help to use it instead of the particular code. erb is also used to do the similar but if you want to make the changes in the code then the user should be familiar with slim/erb respectively.

If you have to convert an HTML Document into html.slim file then you can go to

Convert html.slim to html.erb: Here, we will see how to change the slim file to erb file. In CLI, you can use an inbuilt command in slim file which is used to convert these files.

You may follow the below-given syntax in CLI:

slimrb --erb html.slim

slimrb is a command-line tool that means convert and –erb is indicating that the file is going to be converted in the erb format. Then the command is followed to give the slim file name <file name>.


slimrb --erb <slim file name>

This command will be found in the slim utilities. After using these above instructions, the user will be able to convert the slim file into an erb file.

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