How to be prepared for an interview?

Some people say it is very easy and simple to be interviewed while other have the idea that interview is not easy to pass. There are several ideas and concepts about how to be interview and how to prepare yourself for an interview. In this article, I am discussing my personal experience of how I prepared for interview and how it was passed.

I applied for an IT Assistant position in an institution located in our home country Afghanistan. Every position have deadline date so I waited till the deadline date of the application for this position. I took almost a month and finally I received a call from that institute for interview.

The call was received two days before interview. From that moment on ward I started my preparation and till the last night of the interview day I studied for the interview – I studied different topics and searched about any type of information about IT Assistant position interview questions. I found many topics interesting and beneficial and also each source was useful for increasing knowledge for interview.

When, I visited the interviewer office on the day of the interview I was very shocked because this was my first interview in my life. Unfortunately I  failed in that interview.

The reasons why I didn’t pass was that I came in hurry and I spent so much time only in preparation rather than making my brain stay cool and relax. So the most important secret to pass an interview is to relax and to get rest a day or two before interview.

Finally, to be well prepared for interview it is as important to study the whole days rather than taking rest and relaxing.

Some of the key features that I would suggest you to do before an interview:

  1. Thoroughly Research the organization you are applying to as a faculty
  2. Analyze the job profile and see how you can best fit into it
  3. Practice Interviewing before the actual interview
  4. Prepare answers for most frequently asked questions in the related field
  5. Dress up properly and behave decently
  6. Lastly, reach before time, relax and keep your nervousness in control
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