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Amazon Interview Experience (Telephonic Interview)

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Question1: Introduce yourself
Question2: Can you tell me about any scenario where you have taken an initiative in your previous jobs to do something/ solve something that was not strictly required of you.
Question3: Coding on shared editor (no compilation of code required but no pseudocode)

There is a village with two kinds of people- villagers (represented by 0) and defenders (represented by 1). When enemy attacks the defenders stand in front as shown below:


The enemy will attack in that row which is most vulnerable (i.e. has the least number of defenders. Write a program to find the row where the enemy will attack.
When I provided an O(mxn) solution I was asked to provide a better solution. And O(m+n) solution is possible.
Practice here
Question4: Design a basic LRU cache using basic data structures.

Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019
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