Hexaware Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Written Test:
It was conducted on CoCubes, There were 2 sections-
1. Aptitude + Reasoning, the questions were easy in this round.
2. Domain based questions, it depends on your stream whether you are from CS or EC, in my case, questions was from Data Structure, Networking.
based on your combined score in both sections, you can get selected in this round.

Group Discussion:
We were divided in group of 10, The given topic was Digital India, Demonetization and other current topics.

Technical Interview:
Remember “It is you, Who drives the interview”, After introducing my self, I started telling him about my project because I was good at it. He asked me about:
1. What i did in my project.
2. Write code for JDBC connectivity(I mentioned him that i did JDBC connectivity in project).
It lasted for 15 minutes as I remember. luckily i passed it too.

HR Interview:
1. Tell me about yourself and family background.
2. whether you have any offers.
3. Willing to relocate and sign the bond of 2 years.
4. Difference between c++ and java with advantage (just basics not too advance).

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