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Hexaware Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021
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The registration took place in the month of August 2021 and before registering for the off-campus drive Hexaware had mentioned few eligibility criteria like they kept a certain cut-off for the entire academic qualification, the candidate should have good knowledge in any one of the programming languages(C/C++/Java) and they also emphasized on good communication skills. My CV met all the eligibility criteria, so I had registered myself for the off-campus drive for the designation of Graduate Engineer Trainee.

I had received an e-mail from Hexaware on 16.09.2021 that my first round was scheduled for 17.09.2021. I was quite apprehensive but tried to be confident. It was a 90 minutes duration assessment and the total number of questions was 78. Those were all multiple-choice questions. The question paper was divided into 2 parts. The first part contained questions like aptitude, verbal, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and all. While the second part contained all domain-based questions like I am pursuing my final year B Tech degree in CSE therefore, the questions were basically from DBMS, Operating System, and all core subjects. The difficulty level of this round was medium.    


Hexaware took around a few weeks to declare the result for the second round i.e. the Technical Interview round. I was extremely happy when I was shortlisted for this round. I received the e-mail one-day prior to the interview date. My interview was scheduled from 3:30 PM-4 PM. They conducted the interview through MS Teams. The interviewer was a wonderful person. I never felt that I met him for the first time like he was so friendly. These were the following questions which he had asked me in my Technical Interview round.

  1. Tell me something about yourself  
  2. Have you done any internships? 
  3. What projects have you done yet and which tools you had used in the project? 
  4. What was your role in that project? 5)What was the purpose of making that project? 
  5. Write a program in C to print the first 5 Fibonacci series. 
  6. Write a program to print the second largest number in an array of 6 integers( In this question I was able to choose any language) 
  7. Can you write a program to print the third-largest number? (This was a yes/no question).

I had answered all the questions properly with full confidence. Only I had answered NO for question number 2 as due to the onset of such a pandemic I was unable to do any internships. I had to share my screen for questions- 6 & 7 because the interviewer had asked me to solve the programs on Notepad. He looked quite impressed and had asked me if I had any queries from my end then I am free to ask. I didn’t have any queries and this was the end of the second round.


On the same day itself, I received an e-mail from Hexaware that I have successfully cleared my Technical Interview round, and my SpeechX and Writing Skill test is scheduled for tomorrow. I was very happy. The next day I gave my exam. The test was divided into 5 parts. The first was a reading test. The second was like Just a minute type. Three random topics were given and I had to speak on each topic for 1 minute. The third was the grammar test I was given 34 questions and the time allotted to me was for 10 minutes. A fourth was comprehension reading and answering the questions based on the passage. The fifth was an essay writing test like I was given a random topic and I had to write a passage comprising not more than 200 words. I was too confident that I will qualify this round and successfully I did. 


Learning agility round: In this round, I was quite a tension-free as this was a none-elimination round. It was a psychometric test. There was a total of 18 questions and the total time allotted was 25 minutes which was more than enough. One thing which I really loved about this round was I got to know myself much better as every question gave me an opportunity to know and analyze myself better. On the same day itself, I received an e-mail that I have been shortlisted for the final round i.e. the HR interview round.


HR interview: The was conducted the next day on the MS Teams platform. I was a bit nervous in this round but tried to be extremely confident as I knew this was the final milestone that I have to cross to get my job in Hexaware to be precise in the company where I always desired to work. The interviewer asked whether he was audible or not and after that he started asking me questions like:

  1. Tell me something about your family background 
  2. Tell me something about your hobbies 
  3. How would you describe the location of your hometown? 
  4. How can we control the current pandemic situation? 
  5. Why do you want to join Hexaware
  6. Why should we hire you? 
  7. Are you ready to relocate? 
  8. Are you comfortable with your job location where we have given it? 
  9. Do you have any pending backlogs or any education gap? Finally, he told me that we shall get back to you very soon.

Wooh! It was the biggest day of my life at sharp 10:05 AM I received my result from Hexaware that I am selected for the designation of Graduate Engineer Trainee and also received the Letter of Intent on the same day. It was like a dream come true. The Best day ever! December will be forever favorite of mine. 

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