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Hexaware Interview Experience for Premier Graduate Engineer Trainee (2022)

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Hello Everyone, Hexaware came to our campus in August 2021 and the process was completed within 1 week. Hexaware offered a PGET profile which means the package offered was more than the package offered to the students with the GET offer. There was a total of 6 Rounds. Around 1000-1200 students sat for the online test. The test platform was CoCubes which means the questions were difficult and non-repetitive. 

Round 1: Online Test:(60 mins) Platform is Cocubes. The difficulty Level is Moderate-Hard.

  • Quants. 12-15 questions.
  • Logical and abstract reasoning -12 -15 questions
  • Verbal ability – 15-25 questions.

Round 2: Coding round:  The difficulty Level is easy-moderate.

  • 1. Sum of prime factors.
  • 2. Linked list problem of finding the cycle in the linked list( I applied the Floyd algorithm for that).

Round 3: Communication round:  The difficulty Level is easy-moderate.

  • Speak the sentence visible on the given screen.
  • Repeat the sentence you hear.
  • 1 min given to speak about the given topics. Mine was what kind of house you want to build.
  • Some tenses and preposition questions (MCQ).

Round 4: Technical interview(30-35 mins): The difficulty Level is Moderate-Hard. Questions asked in this round are: 

  • OOPS concept.
  • Reverse a number.
  • Reverse words of a string. 
  • 1 logical reasoning question.
  • DBMS What is IDENTITY.
  • Difference between list and tuple.
  • Difference between Delete and truncate statement.
  • Explain why delete and truncate are different.
  • What will be the effect on ID in both cases.
  • Different mapping techniques in python. (He meant sets, maps, Dictionary).
  • Explain the project.
  • Difference between numpy array and List in python.

Round 5: Technical Interview: MC round(10-12 mins): Questions asked in this round: 

  •  Introduce yourself.
  • Explain the project.
  • Why this project.
  • Will you relocate to Chennai.
  • Patents explain.
  • One linked list problem.

Round 6:  HR round: Questions asked in this round:

  • Introduction and explain your journey of the process.
  • Any feedback.
  • Why Hexaware.

Personal Experience: 
Overall to clear the Hexaware all-around one should be thoroughly prepared for all sections from aptitude to communication.
 The aptitude round was tough if you have given Amcat then it is 2x times tougher than Amcat no questions were in repetition.

1. Coding questions were easy if you have practiced on hackerrank or gfg.
2. Communication round was an elimination round most of the students got eliminated after this round so do not take it casually.
3. Technical interview depends upon who is taking the interview mine was kind of taking every stuff deeply whenever I answer any question so you need to have deep knowledge of whatever you have learned.
4. MC round first I thought it was a machine coding round but when I attended the interview It was a mix of tech and managerial rounds. She was nice do not mess it up because every round is an elimination round.
  At last in the HR round, I was asked about the questions which are universal like feedback or any questions. 
Take every round seriously because in our college around 1200 applied after test 150 were shortlisted for the communication round, and only 50-55 for the tech round only 23-24 got selected.

To conclude, Hexaware is a good company for freshers and they also raised the package one month after joining.


Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2022
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