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Hewlett Packard Enterprises Interview Experience for Internship

Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2023
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Round 1 – Online Screening Test

  • MCQ questions include Aptitude, OOPs output, and Computer Network questions.
  • Two easy-level coding questions related to arrays and string manipulation.

Round 2 – Technical Interview (60min)

  • Project
  • Basic C/C++ questions
  • Operating System
  • OOPs Concepts were covered in depth
  • Which data structure would you use given a situation and why?
  • What do you know about HP Enterprise?

Round 3 – Managerial Round (30min)

  • Basic questions that one can expect from any managerial round
  • Don’t be surprised if you get technical questions in this round as well, especially from Computer Networks
  • Projects
  • Why Software role?
  • Knowledge about HPE, industry and current trends
  • Any plans for higher education?

Round 4 – HR (10min)

  • Why HPE?
  • Any plans for higher education?


  • When stuck in a question ask for hints, they’ll be happy to see you trying to solve the question and who knows you might even get to the final solution with that little push. Saying “I don’t know” must be your last resort.
  • If you intend on taking a guess, mention so before proceeding. You might even say I’m not sure, I think…. etc.
  • Ask relevant and meaningful questions.
  • Never give textbook answers, try to explain it maybe with the help of an example showing you have actually understood the concept and haven’t just mugged it up.
  • You should be able to explain all that you’ve included in your resume.
  • Research about the company.

My most important tip is to not give up no matter what the outcome is, just learn on what you can improve on and move on for the next company ! Stay motivated 🙂

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