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Hewlett Packard ent. Interview Experience for R&D Intern (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2022
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Interview call at 9, reached by 9:30.

First Technical Interview: The interview started at 12:30 and went on for about 30 mins. Met with HR a few times to schedule my consultation earlier as some of the candidates handn’t arrive on time. It started off with the usual

  • Tell me about Yourself

Hi, I come from Indore, where I’ve done my schooling. I score 91.4 and 92.6% in ICSE and ISC. Coming from ICSE board, we started learning Java from class 8, which built by fundamentals of computer programming and got my interest piqued. I explored how we can use other programming languages to our advantage, and I experimented with batch files and vbscripts in class 10th. After completing 12th, it was obvious to me that I want to persue this curiosity of computer science and I started this degree here in VIT. After coming to college, I started joining clubs, one of which was Visual Bloggers Club, where my main job was in PR, posting and spreading our blogs on Instagram and making sure they get enough traction for our events. I found out that I have a certain inclination towards reading and writing and therefore those are my current hobbies. I like to write critical appreciation and summaries of various books, movies, shows and anime.

  • I have done two projects in College, Mint Free NFTs and Online Antique Marketplace. I solely worked on the NFT project and I was a part of 4 member team in the Marketplace project where the majority job I did was around fronetend – HTML, CSS,

I ended with technical and project related stuff so that the interviewers would take up certain parts of what I explained and ask follow-up questions. Followed by in-depth questions about my projects.

  • Questions about data structures and 2 practical problems
  • Question 1 – If you have 10 bulbs in series connection, and you know one of them is faulty, how will you find the faulty bulb
    • Approach 1 – linear search, take each bulb out and check other 9 bulbs.
    • Approach 2 – binary search, partition bulbs in half and keep checking which set is faulty, then halve the faulty set of bulbs and repeat until you find the required bulb.
  • Question 2 – Write code to delete node with given value in linked list
    • Follow up – how would you eliminate consecutive nodes with same value.
  • Follow up 2 – how would you eliminate non-consecutive nodes with the same value?

Second Technical Interview: I was called at 5:30, it went for about 30-40 mins. Interviewer asked me about basic OS, networking, cloud computing, IoT concepts.

Important points:

  • OS basics – Paging, scheduling, memory allocation, types of OS, mostly questions from Striver OS sheet
  • Networking – describe OSI model and function of each layer
  • What do you know about IoT, Cloud Computing
  • No practical questions were asked, apart from the one (and only) code he wanted me to write (and do a detailed dry run) about binary search.

    HR interview:

  • Hardly went for 3 mins.
  • HR asked the usual
  • He cut me while I was answering and asked
  • Why do you want to join HP

Diverse workculture, opportunity to work with like minded and technically skilled people who can help me grow by pushing me outside my comfort zone.

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